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Here’s what our clients and partners are saying about Hucu

We are [now] able to follow patients better, and if you can mention that to any doctor with a practice then that tells them a lot, and that is what Hucu allows us to do……[It] will improve patient and family satisfaction scores a lot. We usually get great scores on that anyways, but now we will be in the top 1% with this [Hucu].

Dr. Jeff E. - CEO

It has cut my time spent during the day communicating by 50 to 75 percent.... Before Hucu, getting simple information from a patient or a [partner] facility could take days, as opposed to having them just send it over to us through the app…. Hucu has given me peace of mind that if I don’t see something or I’m out for a personal reason, somebody else will and the ball won’t get dropped….It is the greatest app ever for this industry.

Mandi K. - Clinical Care Coordinator

The communication within the app is actually centered around the patients, something I have not found with any other HIPAA compliant texting software

Tim M. - CEO

What stands out about Hucu is it’s user friendly. It’s laid out so that we can see our patients in each [partner] facility….In this time of covid, HUCU is going to make it easier for us to communicate policies and protocols with each of our [partner] facilities...Quick, easy, and simple communication is essential in our practice.

Raina E. - Practice Manager

Sometimes, if you try to call a patient’s family member, their work hours and our work hours align so we can’t reach them. But with Hucu, we can text them a message and they can get back to us when they have a chance and vice versa

Sarah H. - Clinical Director

Ensuring our patient communications are 100% HIPAA compliant. Fostering a strong culture of collaboration and support across a growing and spread out organization.

Nishat A - Practice Manager