Here’s what our clients and partners are saying about Hucu

HIPAA Compliance​


Hucu was the most comprehensive solution that we found to provide simple HIPAA compliant texting.

With many behavioral health professionals offering telehealth services as a result of COVID pandemic, the personal in-office connection was lost as clinicians scrambled to find technology to duplicate that connection electronically while still maintaining compliant with federal privacy laws. is the solution to this sudden problem!

Ensuring our patient communications are 100% HIPAA compliant. Fostering a strong culture of collaboration and support across a growing and spread out organization.

Being able to use a HIPAA compliant app where [patients] can get a hold of us quickly, but doesn’t put us at jeopardy, is a big thing.

They'll all SAY on the core level that they are HIPAA compliant, but on the backside of it, they're really not...and your company, Hucu, has designed it from the ground up to be HIPAA compliant and that's the one thing that really stood out to us.

[Hucu] is on-demand. We can actually talk about patients because it is HIPAA compliant. I knew we always needed to be HIPAA compliant and moving over to the Hucu platform; where we can easily talk about the patient, be open about them, and share information on a quick whim; has been seamless and wonderful.

Patient-Centered Care Coordination


Our focus has really been on the quality of care vs the quantity of care...We use Hucu as our go-to communication tool...our clinicians are able to interact in real-time on specific patient-related clinical issues and share information on a patient knowing that there is that HIPAA protection as well...How often do you see an opportunity where you can get 50 sets of eyes on a patient instantaneously? It's next-level stuff we're talking about.

The most significant change that we've seen since implementing Hucu has really been the TEAMWORK. Before, it seemed like a lot of the communication was 1 on 1. It’s not like people didn't group message at times, but it wasn't used like it is through Hucu. It's really made it more of a team effort. We can openly throw information out there in ONE platform. That has been the best side of it - it's really creating this team no matter where you are.

I love your app. Before, it was a big problem that we had so many team members and families that wanted to text. Kinzer (Wellsky) wasn't always available so we used initials all the time and it was a mess. Now we're HIPAA compliant and it's so much better.

One thing I especially enjoy is being able to hop into Hucu and seeing the acuity score of the patients. Hucu makes it very simple to just click on a consumer and see how severe your consumers' needs may be in that moment...we can track how many assessments our case workers are doing and who is getting them done most efficiently. That has been very helpful.

We were fortunate when we began working with Hucu to be able to actually identify flags and risks; and also gaps in service that, otherwise, we were not aware of, so that we can create person-centered planning and meet the needs of individuals where they are in place.

With, we are able to quickly and easily ensure that things are established on a patient-by-patient basis, and then be able to access that information whenever needed because it is all there in that patient’s channel.

I would highly recommend to any individual solo practitioner or group practice in behavioral health as this fantastic tool maintains communication with patients, clinical teams and administrative staff, is easy to implement and meets required compliance laws is second to none.

I love this app. It makes it much easier to be on the same page and using the same approaches.

Analytics Driving Team Efficiency

Testimonials is providing us with data to support our funding requests and to identify those at greatest risk.

We have better access to consumer experience data and are able to manage our team more proactively.

We use the [usage data] tracking you provide on the system to recognize the people who have the highest amount of logins, messages, honors, reactions, [etc.] to recognize, award, and encourage our team...More and more we're seeing that teamwork and collaboration come into practice because everyone is wanting to participate in the communication.

Patient-Centered Organized Information


Before we found Hucu, we used 2 different systems: an internal and external system…and it really became unmanageable at some point. We looked everywhere for a different solution and after a lot, months, of research decided that Hucu was the best choice for our organization. It allows us to have that internal and external communication in one place.

Everything within the Hucu app was able to be customized to what I needed and to what I thought would be helpful...documents, imaging, labs, medications - it’s all there in the app. I have a constant point of reference and that has made it very easy for myself as the primary provider, but also for the on-call.

Hucu makes it easy for me to keep track of patients. has also shown its strength with the ability of adding clinical and administrative staff (with a group practice and external providers) as well as family members in one platform united as one clinical team for the best interest of the client/patient, a feature that one does not see when reviewing various texting platforms. Customer Service


We have real success stories with our residents and we are proud to be working with your group and meet our residents’ needs. Our staff’s anxiety has decreased because they now have an instant support system...Your team is always there when need to understand something, you are always so gracious to answer any questions that I may have. I appreciate that.

I think a great deal of Laura and the Hucu team. They have been amazing to work with each step of the way, and the product has been a lifesaver for our team to stay connected.

There is so much potential for I am so excited about it, I even have my own dreams about what it will do for us. It is a game-changer in the industry as a whole, something I have never seen before.

We are so grateful to have an actual working relationship with and to feel like they truly care about our patients as much as we do.

They always say ‘what are the things that keep you up at night?’ and before we had Hucu I would have to say, yes, our communication piece. Now having the support and the trust of this app makes me sleep better at night.

Hucu has been essential for our growth and overall success. Along with offering a fabulous product, it is the heart and energy of the team that really makes all the difference for me. We are truly honored to be a part of it all with you and look forward to continued work together.

Positive Patient Experience

Testimonials has changed the way I am able to communicate with not only my patients, but their family members and my entire team as well. This product is the change I have been waiting for to run a busy, efficient, and patient-centered practice. has proven to be invaluable in maintaining communications with my clients as many prefer to utilize technology as a form of communication. My patients and I are able to exchange information from clinical resources, office forms, community-based resources, pictures and documents, appointment information and much more.

Hucu has been a great blessing...Patients are dying because of delayed care. Hucu is helping us provide proper care immediately...because it is easy to use...[and] all the information in one place for the patient...we are happy hucu has been there to help the patients, and providers to continue to provide the best care for the patients, in a timely manner and avoid complications.

Hucu has become our secret weapon to enable our team to provide the best care.

Our ER and return to hospital is virtually 0 because we have real-time care, through Hucu...Our resident care is much improved...Our residents are much happier, our families are much happier, our staff's much happier...I'm very proud to be working with [Hucu] in meeting our resident needs.


We are able to follow patients better, and if you can mention that to any doctor with a practice then that tells them a lot, and that is what Hucu allows us to do...It will improve patient and family satisfaction scores a lot. We usually get great scores on that anyways, but now we will be in the top 1% with Hucu.

The quality of care is higher because the families are updated about things, they can ask us questions, and we can be proactive...[Since implementing,] we received 20 5-star reviews right off the bat, and so many of them say was really heartwarming to see the things that people wrote...It's amazing. It makes it all worthwhile.

Hucu provides a more direct line of communication, in a timely fashion, without playing the telephone game...We have noticed that the facilities that utilize Hucu more have a lower return to hospital rate, and the ones that are not using [Hucu] as much have more communication errors and there is not as much follow-through.

Time Saving


We use Hucu everyday to communicate across four different states. Using Hucu has actually brought everything together so we can communicate in real-time and send HIPAA compliant information back-and-forth in real-time, be it messages or documents...It's really helped the flow and speed of our communication...It saves us a lot of time, as in, everything is in one place for us...and the nice thing is, we don't have any complaints because it works so well. I'll take that all day long...It's really working out great for us. has saved LifeCare a lot of time by eliminating the need to have the team on 2 separate platforms. Also, having the web-based side of it. The fact that we can type out messages to our team and be able to upload reports right on your computer has saved us a TREMENDOUS amount of time. If it was only on my phone, I would still love it; but not nearly as much. We just love it so much more. It's the best!

Sometimes, if you try to call a patient’s family member, their work hours and our work hours did not align so we can’t reach them. But with Hucu, we can text them a message and they can get back to us when they have a chance and vice versa.

[Hucu] is a game-changer...It has cut my time spent during the day communicating by up to 75 percent.

Time management is so important in what we do; and for us as a facility, Hucu has been one of the biggest time-savers.

It's just so quick...and because it's so easy to use, everyone is jumping on it, wanting to use it...they're all involved...Compared to other [HIPAA compliant messaging] apps, Hucu is amazing.

Hucu has been a real benefit to keep our communication flowing. I can get information to the entire team easily.

... I appreciate you all and am so grateful we have this app now to connect and learn from one another. ☺️

Easy to Setup & Easy to Use


Hucu is your team. I've been super pleased with everybody getting together on there. People can upload their own [profile] picture and write their own [status]. I think people have enjoyed seeing each other because they are out in the field and they don't get to see each other very often. It makes it feel a bit more homie... more together - like you're really one group.

With a push of a button, a video conference can be held as well. These features have proven to be invaluable. The ease of adding and archiving patients, family, and professionals in, as well as the customer service that is offered is like no other.

if you are familiar with how to use technology, period, you can figure it out right away. I could use the main features of the app within a few minutes.

It's self-contained, it's easy to set up - and that was just the initial part of it! Since we've started using Hucu, we have found so many new ways to use it that are benefiting us.

Hucu is so user-friendly that it's like learning how to use text message.

The communication within the app is actually centered around the patients, something I have not found with any other HIPAA compliant texting software.

Our favorite thing about Hucu is the easy access/use and the quick response we can get for support when needed...everyone actively participates in the communication and that has been HUGE for collaboration...Some of the most significant changes I've seen [since Hucu] are, of course, better team communication; and our team reporting less invasiveness, which has been much more productive for our staff...They are more in-tuned to stay connected, even on their downtime, because the app is less invasive compared to other ones...We're happy we can use this app...even in places where we might not have great internet access...because it does get us the stuff for our patients a lot quicker.