Industry leaders talk about Hucu’s impact on their teams

Executive Summary Videos

Karen Owner - Nest In Place (Convenient Coordinating) - One messaging platform making life easier through streamlined communication.

Karen Owner - Nest In Place (Staff Development) helps create a culture of open and effective communication among team members resulting in mutual staff development.

Karen Owner - Nest In Place (Family Communication) client receives 5 star rating for simplifying communication and care coordination remotely, with patients and their families.

Dr. Jeff Ethridge M.D. CEO Bulverde Medicine (Exec Summary) - one powerful messaging hub centralizing all communication in one place.

Dr. Troy Alexander EI (IMMPACT Medical Group) (Exec Summary)

How (HIPAA compliant) has helped open direct lines of communication between providers and facilities.

Dr. Srinivas Jolepalem (IMMPACT Medical Group) (Exec Summary)

How saves hours everyday and makes life easier by helping teams keep track of patient level risk in real-time.

Mandi Care Coordinator – Bulverde Medicine (Exec Summary) is a "Game Changer" tool - it has helped reduce working hours to half of what they used to be.

Raina Ethridge Practice Manager – Bulverde Manager ( Exec Summary )

Communication is critical in high performing medical practices. has taken healthcare communication to a whole different level.

Sarah Clinical Director – Bulverde Medicine ( Exec Summary )

How is creating a difference in coordination care for patients in post-acute care.

Bulverde Medicine (2 Mins)

Providing more timely care to patients across the care continuum

MPAC Healthcare (2 Mins)

Establishing a strong culture even when the teams are distributed

Community Physicians (2 Mins)

Providing one-stop specialty care to post-acute care organizations

Chestnut Health (2 Mins)

Focused Physiatry Services to Post Acute Care

Full Interviews

Karen Paules & Susan Schlener (15 Mins)

Dr. Jeff Ethridge M.D. CEO (15 Mins)

CEO of Bulverde Family Medicine discusses how has helped their practice better track patients and improve their patient satisfaction scores

Nishat Aziz, Practice Manager, IMMPACT Medical Group (6 Mins)

Discusses how improves communication and provides analytics

Dr. Troy Alexander El, IMMPACT Medical Group (13 Mins)

Describes how improves post acute care communication in order to deliver better care.

Dr. Srinivas Jolepalem, IMMPACT Medical Group (15 Mins)

Describes how virtual visits solve problems. The Hucu platform is easier to use compared with other telehealth platforms.

Raina Ethridge Practice Manager (15 Mins)

Practice Manager for Bulverde Family Medicine discusses how introducing to their practice streamlined communication within the office and with partners

Sarah Clinical Director (15 Mins)

Clinical Director of Bulverde Family Medicine discusses the importance of HIPAA compliant communcation and how is the most effective solution for them

Mandi Care Coordinator (15 Mins)

Clinical Care Coordinator of Bulverde Family Medicine discusses the amount of time saved in her day from using over traditional communication channels