helps Nursing Homes and SNFs improve referrals, profitability and outcomes while reducing staff turnover costs

From getting hospital referrals to discharging patients into homes and everything in between – is your one patient-centered messaging solution that connects your teams internally and externally with outside partners, and helps avoid hospitalizations.

How innovative nursing homes/ SNFs use

Hipaa Compliant Communication App

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HIPAA Compliant

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Engagement Tracking

Engagement Tracking

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Improved Collaboration

Professional boundaries. Notifications that work for busy clinicians.


Improve existing referral relationships and build new ones with

  • Improve Occupancy Rates by improving patient-centered care through timely communication across internal/external healthcare teams & referral partners
  • Establish Tighter Connections with Hospitals by allowing discharge nurses to plan, schedule, transition and share relevant documents with SNFs
  • Become a Top Choice for Narrow Networks by bringing different partners together around each patient, and coordinating patient-centered care with everyone involved
  • Simplify Discharge Process to Home Health/Care and keep track of patients well being even when they are not in your facility – reduce hospitalizations
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Get real-time risk visibility across all patients to reduce risk of complications or hospitalization

  • Get AI Enabled, Always Prioritized Hot Lists based on patients’ risk profiles
  • Authorize Outside Partners (Provider Groups, Home Health, Hospice, Therapy, etc.) to various patient groups, so there’s no delay in care decisions; therefore, resulting in improved outcomes
  • Manage Higher Patient Turnover with a breeze by quickly organizing patients using various flags (admissions, discharges, readmissions, and more)
  • Reduce Hospitalizations/ Readmissions by improving responsiveness to potential complications using Patient-Flags
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IMPROVE OPERATIONS & PROFITABILITY communication addresses Nursing Homes’ operational challenges

  • Reduce Compliance & Litigation Issues by reducing communication errors, improving HIPAA compliance, and increasing trust among collaborating parties, including families
  • Easily Facilitate Open Shift Process with simple real-time communication around shift availability
  • Replace Traditional Silo Communication (fax, email, text, phone, voicemail, etc.) with one tool –
  • Centralize All Communication – 1 to1, Many to Many, and patient-centered Direct
  • Streamline Announcements and All Team Messages, improving real-time communication between hospitals and SNF partners
  • Get Built-in Insights around how your organization is communicating internally and with external partners


Your teams deserve Hucu recognition and support

  • Improve Staff Turnover by supporting team members through continuous communication and recognition
  • Recognize High Performers by delivering Honors automatically and from peers and colleagues
  • Provide Peace of Mind to Employees by organizing work text messages separately from personal text messages
  • Enable Easy Communication Virtually with one to one direct messaging, one to many channel based messages and patient-centered HIPAA compliant messages
  • Provide Custom Notifications with individual-level tags, group-level activity – all automatically prioritized based on message volume
  • Make Availability Easy by showing custom user messages, “available”, “busy”, and “away” along with “read receipts”
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