Four Star+ Medicare Advantage plans use to coordinate timely & quality care, drive efficiency, and improve member satisfaction

For Medicare Advantage plans committed to the Quadruple Aim, quickly connects your teams (case managers, etc.) with all network members, brings beneficiaries & family members into the loop, improves proactive care and helps avoid hospitalizations.

How Medicare Advantage Plans use

Medicare - Hipaa Texting App
Medical Communication Apps

Get MORE Done.

Real-time prioritized patient lists organized by facility.

Hipaa Compliant communication app,

Sign MORE Partners

Help improve census, manage shifts and share insightful data.

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Provide MORE Care

Connect with patient care teams to follow up faster

Engage MORE Staff

Recognize & appreciate. Unify culture with better patient-centered focus.

EASE PATIENT CENTERED COMMUNICATION communication brings MA Case Managers, Providers, Patients and Families together fast

  • Equip Care Coordinators with the right Communication Tool to reach out to all parties involved in care
  • Reduce Delays in Communication with easy simplified messaging and automatic push notifications
  • Replace 5 Traditional Silo Communication Tools (fax, email, text, phone, voicemail, etc.) with a single powerful tool –
  • Centralize All Work Communication – 1 to 1 Direct Messaging, Many to Many, and Patient-Centered
  • Simplify Team Availability by showing custom user messages, “available”, “busy”, and “away” along with “read receipts”
  • Manage “On Call” Process efficiently and effectively reduce reliance on phone answering services, phone tags, and missed connections
Hipaa Compliant communication app,


Better Communication Drives Better Care; Better Care Drives Member Satisfaction

  • Improve Patient & Family Experience by providing seamless communication across all providers to sustain high Medicare Stars ratings
  • Manage Patient Transitions Proactively by sharing status and discharge plans effortlessly
  • Enable Easy Information Sharing to communicate med lists, patient history, advanced directives, and other relevant information
  • Facilitate Real-time Problem Solving with one-touch telehealth sessions and ongoing access to team members
  • Coordinate Care Seamlessly by identifying needs for medication, DME, PPE, nutrition or other interventions and deploying additional resources
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Get real-time risk visibility across all patients to reduce risk of complications or hospitalization

  • Reduce Hospitalizations/Readmissions by improving responsiveness to potential complications using Patient-Flags
  • Manage High Risk Patients to a Higher Level so that conditions at risk of deterioration are addressed quickly (e.g.,CKD/ ESRD, COPD, CHF, MH/SUD)
  • Provide Visibility to Always Prioritized Hot Lists based on provider communication and patients risk profiles
  • Empower Caregivers with Better Patient Status Information, improving speed of monitoring and preventive interventions
  • Authorize Trusted Network Partners (Provider Groups, Home Health, Hospice, Therapy, etc.) to various patient groups, so there’s no delay in care decisions; therefore, resulting in improved outcomes
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Improve existing referral relationships and build new ones with

  • Manage Valued Networks Proactively by bringing different partners together around each patient, and coordinating patient-centered care with everyone involved, thus assuring appropriate discharge destination
  • Improve Accessibility and Responsiveness of Partners with accountability for communications and timely responses
  • Establish Tighter Connections with Hospitals by allowing discharge nurses to plan, schedule, transition and share relevant documents with Home Health providers, Assisted Living and SNF Care Givers
  • Simplify Discharge Process to Home or Home HealthCare and keep track of patients well being even when they are not in a hospital or facility – reduce hospitalizations
Hipaa Compliant messaging app