helps Area Agencies on Aging with real-time consumer specific acuity score to help drive better outcomes

Centralize communication and data collection
Reduce stress on aging network
Improve efficiency and effectiveness to support consumer independence
Extend tech-enabled services to mitigate the risks of chronic conditions

How Innovative AAA's use

Hipaa Compliant Communication App

Consumer-Centered Messaging

Easy text. Embedded photos or attachments. Emojis Galore!

home healthcare Hipaa

HIPAA Compliant

Secure. Encrypted. Protected.

Engagement Tracking

Engagement Tracking

Visibility. Recognition. Appreciation.

nursing home app,

Improved Collaboration

Professional boundaries. Notifications that work for busy clinicians.

Manage Consumer Risk in Real-Time

Highlight risks for interventions that support maximum independence.

  • Real Time Acuity Score which standardizes separate assessment scores allowing agencies to better manage intensive caseload.
  • Risk Stratification visible to all collaborators to quickly highlight older adults at greater risk and prioritize them.
  • Consumer Journey Maps, which track the history of each individual adult and the services/care they have received.
  • Customized Interventions tracked with a person-centered approach.
  • Data Driven Solutions to pinpoint older adults most in need of service.
Area Agencies on Aging

Improve Transparency and Oversight Among Teams & Partners

Provide network performance visibility to improve the quality and efficiency of your service delivery network.

  • Greater Accountability of results with partner reporting, reduced communication errors, improved HIPAA compliance, and greater trust among teams.
  • Reduced Delays in Communication with easy simplified messaging and automatic push notifications.
  • Establish Tighter Connections with Skilled Nursing and Hospital Teams by allowing such teams to plan, schedule, and share relevant documents quickly
  • Centralized Communication – 1 to 1 Direct Messaging, Many to Many, and Patient-Centered.
  • Reports which track partner performance down to each employee level.
Area Agencies on Aging

Increase Supporting Staff Satisfaction and Reduce Employee Turnover

Provide easy communication and recognition for staff, partner employees, and volunteers.

  • Roll Out Fast – Get your entire organization setup in a matter of minutes.
  • Automatic Consumer Centered Information Sharing – communicate med lists, consumer history, advanced directives, and other relevant information.
  • Manage “On Call” Process efficiently and effectively reducing reliance on phone answering services, phone tag, and missed connections.
  • Centralize All Communication including internal communication within your agency
  • Gain Visibility Over Teams allowing for recognition and appreciation for staff members who manage a greater load of challenging cases.
Area Agencies on Aging

Extend Consumer-Centered Reach with Tech-Enabled Services

Use to increase access to services.

  • Receive Timely, Yet Distinctive Notifications when providers and facility staff tag each other, or when the entire Group is tagged, or when no one is tagged.
  • Enable Patient Family Messaging by adding family members into separate conversations.
  • Replace 5 Traditional Silo Communication Tools (fax, email, text, phone, voicemail, etc.) with a single powerful tool –
  • Access Analytics and Automate Data Collection via’s proprietary technology.
Area Agencies on Aging

Case Study

About Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging is a 501(c)3 non-profit in central Pennsylvania that supports the maximum independence of older adults . The Agency provides services which range from home delivered meals to home healthcare clinics for the older adults in Clearfield County. Their comprehensive array of services enhances the quality of life of older adults through coordinated community partnerships and initiatives that support and educate members in the community.
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