Home Healthcare use Hucu.ai to increase referrals & better coordinate transitions from hospitals/SNFs

Hucu.ai provides a secure communication lifeline to distributed home healthcare teams with easy notifications and feedback channels along with real time connections to supervisors and other collaborators. All while keeping family members up to date on patient status.

How Innovative Home Healthcare Providers use Hucu.ai

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Engagement Tracking

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Improved Collaboration

Professional boundaries. Notifications that work for busy clinicians.


Organize teams around each patient, irrespective of patients’ location (whether SNF, AL, IL or their house)

  • Speed up Patient-Centered Communication with easy simplified HIPAA compliant messaging and automatic push notifications
  • Replace 5 Old Silo Communication Tools (fax, email, text, phone, voicemail, etc.) with one powerful tool – Hucu.ai
  • Centralize All Work Communication – 1 to 1 Direct Messaging, Many to Many internal public/private topic specific messaging, Many to Many cross collaboration public/private messaging with external partners, and Patient-Centered messaging with internal and external teams
  • Make Availability Easy by showing custom user messages, with simple one touch status updates – Available, Busy, and Away along with Read Receipts
  • Coordinate Care Seamlessly by updating staff on medication, DME, PPE, nutrition or other interventions
  • Create “Hospital at Home” level care with healthcare partners
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Suggested Hucu.ai channels for streamlining communication:

#John Appleseed (patient name)
Each patient gets a separate channel to communicate about, with select team members and outside partners like Physician groups, hospitals and SNFs discharge teams, and transition teams, etc.

Private channel among leaders to keep strategic ideas and tactical discussions going

Create a separate group for new hires so they get up to speed quickly with timely access to critical information


Solidify existing referral relationships and build new ones with Hucu.ai

  • Improve Accessibility and Responsiveness of Partners with accountability for communications and timely responses
  • Build Bridges Across Providers, Patients, and Families improving HIPAA compliance, and increasing trust among collaborating parties
  • Establish Tighter Connections with Skilled Nursing and Hospital Teams by allowing such teams to plan, schedule, and share relevant documents quickly
  • Build Capability to Participate in Value Based Care by communicating with referral partners to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Provide Visibility to Collaboration Performance with operational reporting on messaging, tagging collaborators, flagging patients, and other communications
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Suggested Hucu.ai channels for stronger referral partnerships:

Cross collaboration private group, with specific hospital and SNF team to get referrals

Coordinate timely transitions and related logistics like bed availability, etc.

Share goals and related updates so help keep teams motivated


Better Communication Drives Better Care; Better Care Drives Patient/Family Satisfaction

  • Connect Referring Physicians by offering easy communication to provide context, oversee care, and facilitate improvements in patient status
  • Enable Easy Information Sharing to communicate med lists, patient history, advanced directives, and other relevant information
  • Facilitate Real-time Problem Solving with one-touch telehealth sessions and ongoing access to team members
  • Improve Patient/Family Satisfaction by providing seamless communication to across all providers
  • Fill “Open Shifts” with quick notifications and responses with ongoing audit trails to manage unemployment claims
  • Manage “On Call” Process efficiently and effectively to reduce phone answering services, phone tags, and missed connections
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Suggested Hucu.ai channels for better operations & higher patient/family satisfaction:

#John Appleseed(patient name)
Each patient gets a separate channel to communicate about, with select team members and outside partners like Physician groups, hospitals and SNFs discharge teams, and transition teams, etc. There’s also a completely separate Family Messaging mode that’s completely different than the clinical discussions among clinicians
Pass along patient/family requests and feedback to care delivery teams

Share open shifts with team and get them filled in no time

Quickly allow everyone to know who’s on-call
Make team wide announcements so all remote teams are in sync at all times


Engage & retain distributed team members while building the culture you want

  • Support, Retain, and Engage Distributed TeamsProvide Work/Life Balance by isolating work messages in Hucu app, instead of flooding their personal messaging device app
  • Establish Better Focus at Work by reducing noise and distractions since no need to dig through personal messages to get to work messages
  • Reduce Anxiety and Burnout by empowering team members to set personal status so others know when they are Available, Busy or Away
  • Unify Team Culture by sharing announcements, news, birthdays, best practices, articles, and more
  • Recognize High Performing Team Members with the highest Hucu Honors ™ (peer recognition points gained by helping each other and providing time care to patients)
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Suggested Hucu.ai channels for engaging teams:

Make team wide announcements re: birthdays, news, work anniversaries, and more, so all remote teams are in sync

Share ideas to help team members cope with daily stress

Help teams always be up to speed on best care protocols

Recognize those with high Hucu Honors ™ (more helpful and recognized by their peers)