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Hucu is Solving Healthcare Communication Problems On Three Fronts

Technology is playing an important role in delivering quality healthcare today. Healthcare professionals including doctors, consultants, and nurses are fully engaged in a radical action plan for improving healthcare all
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Four Stages of Healthcare Transformation to Prepare for Covid-19 Wave 2

The coronavirus has truly upended U.S. healthcare. However, some healthcare providers, like Geisinger Health System, quickly activated emergency response plans and canceled all non-urgent procedures and clinic visits. Such healthcare
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ehr alternatives

Physicians’ Love – Hate Relationship With the EHRs

Medical practitioners and physicians are using electronic health records (EHRs) and other such technology more than ever now. However, many physicians find EHRs far from perfect. A similar concern is
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Healthcare: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

The crisis that the world is going through is total: sanitary, political, social, geopolitical, and economic. Faced with Covid-19, each country chose its strategy, reacted more or less quickly, and
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nurse physician communication

Strategies to Improve Nurse Physician Communication

Communication is the key to  collaborative and efficient workflow in any industry. Collaboration is a critical task in healthcare since a single patient is cared for by multiple people including
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The Dramatic Impact of Increased Telemedicine in the Covid 19 Era: WHAT’S NEXT

As the world was hit by COVID-19 which seems here to stay without a vaccine, there has been one question reverberating throughout the healthcare industry: what is the future for
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