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Implement Patient-Centered Care

How Can Healthcare Organizations Implement Patient-Centered Care?

Visiting hospitals can be an intimidating experience. As a result, virtually every hospital is giving priority to delivering quality patient-cared care and support today. By doing so, they go beyond
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3 Ways Medical Staff Can Collaborate More Efficiently- Taking SBAR to the Next Level

Ongoing collaboration of your medical staff is crucial to the successful operation of your facility and the delivery of quality treatment to your patients. Education and training can help improve
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Benefits of Secure Communication in Healthcare

From the debate over smartphones to ongoing concerns about corporate data breaches, information security is something that touches every entity from government officials to corporate CEOs to consumers. However, it
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Importance and Benefits of Collaboration in Healthcare

Modern healthcare works like a team sport, especially in healthcare provider organizations and hospitals. The typical inpatient experience involves several health professionals who have to work together to deliver quality
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Hucu is Solving Healthcare Communication Problems On Three Fronts

Technology is playing an important role in delivering quality healthcare today. Healthcare professionals including doctors, consultants, and nurses are fully engaged in a radical action plan for improving healthcare all
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Four Stages of Healthcare Transformation to Prepare for Covid-19 Wave 2

The coronavirus has truly upended U.S. healthcare. However, some healthcare providers, like Geisinger Health System, quickly activated emergency response plans and canceled all non-urgent procedures and clinic visits. Such healthcare
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