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How to Communicate Effectively with a Patient’s Family

There is no doubt that effective communication leads to better patient care and helps in building trust with the patient’s family. Communication is a vital part of patient care. When
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COVID-19: Effects of Isolation on Elderly People

As countries worldwide are affected by Covid-19, the elderly population is being told to self-isolate for a very long time. This is an attempt to shield the elderly and also
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Three Ways Your Team is Violating HIPAA With Cell Phone and How to Prevent Them

Everyone uses their cell phones in one way or the other in medical practice. Statistics show that about 10 years ago, 84% of physicians admitted to using a cell phone
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Case Study About Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging is a 501(c)3 non-profit in central Pennsylvania that supports the maximum independence of older adults . The Agency provides services which range from home
Read More » Presents Unique Person-Centered Solution for AAAs at the N4A Conference (Virtually from July 19-22, 2021) is supporting virtual gathering of leading Area Agencies on Aging by providing person centered secure texting along with real-time acuity scoring tools #HCBC #careteamcommunication #notforprofitexcellence #healthyaging The Annual Conference
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Patient-Centered Care: Principles and Importance

Patient-centered care is also called client-centered care and it is a ‘patient-centric approach to medicine and healthcare along with its processes. Patient-centered care is a philosophy on how the patients,
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