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8 Tips for Managing Holiday Stressors as a Healthcare Professional

This time of the year is commonly referred to as the ‘most wonderful time’ of the year. But it can be far from that for many healthcare professionals, especially in
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A Quick HIPAA Compliance Guide for Nurses

Every nurse’s professional duty includes HIPAA compliance. However, in today’s digital world, protecting sensitive patient data and information can become a challenge. While most nursing programs include information about the
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MPAC and Celebrate Anniversaries

MPAC and Celebrate Anniversaries

This month marks a one-year successful telehealth collaboration of with MPAC Healthcare. MPAC Healthcare is an industry leader that works exclusively in post-acute settings. MPAC’s role is as a
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Communication in Patient Centered Healthcare: Importance and Best Practices

Communication is the keystone of patient-centered healthcare. Effective communication is vital to meeting patient expectations and needs. Healthcare can be positively transformed only if it is facilitated by effective communication
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Four Ways Hospitals can Reduce Hospital Readmissions and Save Costs

Reducing readmissions is still a challenge in the healthcare industry and this is clear from the $18 billion Medicare has to spend every year on readmissions which can be ‘avoided’.Avoidable
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