Busy Healthcare Teams, Patients and Families use Hucu.ai to Communicate Efficiently with each other

Hucu.ai is a time saver for delivering secure communications to patients, their families and their approved collaborators. No more phone tags, voicemails, texts and missed connections.

How Healthcare Teams, Patients and their Families use Hucu.ai

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Healthcare Teams, Patients and their Families Benefiting From Hucu.ai

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Better Communication Drives Better Care; Better Care Drives Patient/Family Satisfaction

Frequently used channels by our customers to increase productivity and collaboration

#sublime therapy  | #patient_medications | #nightshifts | #oncall

  • Reduce Patient/Family Anxiety & Increase Peace of Mind by providing steady and timely communication
  • Provide Patients/Families with Best in Class Experience with focused & organized messages in Hucu, instead of disjointed silo personal messages in device app
  • Assure Questions are Answered in easy to field messages reducing family concerns about care in a timely manner
  • Reduce Potential Liability by Establishing Trustful Relationships with Patients/Families through more frequent and transparent dialogue
  • Improve Patient/Family Satisfaction by providing seamless communication across all involved care teams
  • Increase Reimbursements by achieving higher quality/star ratings
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Replace outmoded phone calls, voicemails, & texts with Hucu.ai

Frequently used channels

#currentlyinhospital | #allemployees | #Oncall | #suppliesneeded

For Healthcare Teams:

  • Update Patient & All Their Family Members with one message all at once
  • Be Aware of Who’s Who so you look for direction from those with PoA’s
  • Invite or Restrict Specific Family Members to reduce noise and improve peace of mind for those who really matter
  • Enable Easy Information Sharing to communicate med lists, patient history, advanced directives, and other relevant information
  • Facilitate Real-time Problem Solving with one-touch telehealth sessions and ongoing access to team members
  • Connect Referring Physicians by offering easy communication to provide context, oversee care, and facilitate improvements in patient status

For Patients/Families:

Frequently used channels

#psych_concerns | #patient transactions | #daily_orders | #hospital-updates | #woundcare

  • Communicate with All Providers for a given loved one all at once
  • Know Which Provider is from Which Organization so you know who to call/reach out to, for specific actions/updates
  • Invite Additional Healthcare Professionals Involved with simple invite button from within the app to ensure everyone is in sync
  • Share Key Patient Updates (Temp, PulseOx, BP, etc.) with different care team members involved so proper, timely decisions can be made
  • Centralize Documents/Files in one place (Hucu secure cloud) without worrying about storage on your device
  • Create Additional Loved Ones’ Profiles in Hucu and start building their circles of care with their healthcare teams


Include patient/family in planning for patient's admissions & discharge plans (whether hospital, SNF, AL, IL or their home).

Frequently used channels
#announcements | #work&life | #clinical_best_practices | #awards&recognition | #questions_answers | #therapy_concerns | #iluvmypet | #employeeofthemonth
  • Simplify Transitions by Bringing in Discharge & Admissions Staff in both organizations
  • Eliminate Surprises by sharing up to the minute transition plans
  • Speed up Patient-Centered Communication between different organizations with easy simplified secure messaging
  • Replace 5 Old Silo Communication Tools (fax, email, text, phone, voicemail, etc.) with one powerful tool – Hucu.ai
  • Make Availability Easy by showing custom user statuses, with simple one touch status updates – Available, Busy, and Away along with Read Receipts
  • Coordinate Care Seamlessly by updating staff on medication, DME, PPE, nutrition or other interventions
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