Hospice Providers use Hucu.ai to coordinate care, increase referrals and reduce costs

Hospice Providers Hipaa Texting App , Hucu.ai connects social work, nursing, and spiritual support teams with all network members from primary care physicians to hospitalists, SNFists, and home health professionals while keeping family members up to date on patient status.

How Innovative Hospice Providers use Hucu.ai

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Hipaa Compliant Communication App

FREE Messaging

Easy text. Embedded photos or attachments. Emojis galore!

home healthcare Hipaa

HIPAA Compliant

Secure. Encrypted. Protected.

Engagement Tracking

Engagement Tracking

Visibility. Recognition. Appreciation.

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Improved Collaboration

Professional boundaries. Notifications that work for busy clinicians.


Hospice Providers Hipaa Texting App, Coordinators, Providers, Patients and Families together

  • Equip Hospice Coordinators with the right Communication Tool to reach out to all parties involved in care
  • Reduce Delays in Communication with easy simplified messaging and automatic push notifications
  • Replace 5 Traditional Silo Communication Tools (fax, email, text, phone, voicemail, etc.) with a single powerful tool – Hucu.ai
  • Centralize All Communication – 1 to 1 Direct Messaging, Many to Many, and Patient-Centered
  • Make Availability Easy by showing custom user messages, “available”, “busy”, and “away” along with “read receipts”
  • Manage “On Call” Process efficiently and effectively reducing reliance on phone answering services, phone tag, and missed connections
nursing home Hipaa, hucu.ai


Solidify existing referral relationships and build new ones with Hucu.ai

  • Build Bridges Across Providers, Patients, and Families improving HIPAA compliance, and increasing trust among collaborating parties
  • Improve Accessibility and Responsiveness of Partners with accountability for communications and timely responses
  • Establish Tighter Connections with Skilled Nursing and Home Health Providers by allowing such teams to plan, schedule, and share relevant documents quickly
  • Provide Visibility to Collaboration Performance with operational reporting on messaging, tagging collaborators, flagging patients, and other critical communications


Better Communication Drives Better Care; Better Care Drives Family Satisfaction

  • Empower Primary Care Physicians by offering easy communication to provide context, oversee care, and facilitate improvements in patient status
  • Enable Easy Information Sharing to communicate med lists, patient history, advanced directives, and other relevant information
  • Facilitate Real-time Problem Solving with one-touch telehealth sessions and ongoing access to team members
  • Improve Patient/Family Experience by providing seamless communication across all providers
  • Coordinate Care Seamlessly by identifying needs for medication, DME, PPE, nutrition or other interventions and deploying additional resources


Engage & retain distributed team members while building the culture you want

  • Provide Work/Life Balance by isolating work messages in Hucu app, instead of flooding their personal messaging device app
  • Establish Better Focus at Work by reducing noise and distractions since no need to dig through personal messages to get to work messages
  • Reduce Anxiety by empowering team members to set personal status so others know when they are Available, Busy or Away
  • Unify Team Culture by sharing announcements, news, birthdays, best practices, articles, and more
  • Recognize High Performing Team Members with the highest Hucu Honors ™ (peer recognition points gained by helping each other and providing time care to patients)
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