Empowering healthcare technologies to enable patient-centered messaging using the plug-in

Hipaa Compliant communication network, partners with the most innovative organizations in the industry to help healthcare teams spend less time chasing each other trying to communicate and more time caring for patients. Benefits

Our partners help healthcare organizations to enable HIPAA compliant messaging across their entire network ensuring that teams across organizations can communicate in a secure and patient-centered manner. 


Delight internal/external care teams

Reduce the healthcare teams’ burnout by helping them organize and streamline communication by location, by patient, by partner, by topic, and more.


Optimize teamwork in your network

Leverage our partners’ capabilities and expertise to unlock improved ways to collaborate within your organization, with your outside care network partners, and with your patients and/or their families.


Achieve more return on investment

Easily add messaging to your existing silo healthcare technologies (EHR, Patient-portals, Digital health apps, etc.) with our simple and open messaging plug-in.