Support more patients, more efficiently with better outcomes through streamlined communication

Huc-Curae: Care Anywhere

Reduce non-productive communication delays to be more competitive in supporting post-acute-care


Hucu is a secure healthcare-specific communication platform that optimizes communication across the entire patient-specific care team regardless of location or organizational affiliation. No more time wasted waiting for information & responses in disparate and possibly unsecure tools like the EHR, text, answering services, and fax.

Hucu’s patient-centered design enables providers and allied health professionals to support more patients and thus improve organizational performance by unifying all members of the care care team to communication faster, and better.

Improved Communication

Easy, fast, workflow- driven notifications. Efficient communication in one place. Team, colleague, patient & family messaging.


Desktop and mobile device synchronization. Telehealth, file sharing, EHR technology integration.

Greater Productivity

Less distractions. Organized across partners. Reduce time chasing people with quick availability of information.


HIPAA secure storage, backed up. Data loss prevention with scalable infrastructure.

Tighter Alignment

Patient-centered, faster decision making. Patients’ risk priority visible in real-time for transparency & accountability.


Reports by patient, staff, organization, location, partner. Usage, caseload and acuity tracking.

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Patient Centered Channels

Patient Channels are for Patient-specific conversations with appropriate parites

Care team members throughout your organization and authorized partners share clinical information seamlessly

Separate Patient/Family Mode

Authorized team members and patient/family are in touch in real time

Bring in Patient/Family

Easily communicate with Patient and their family with Patient/Family mode.

Pateint Family Mode

Discussion Channels

Discussion Channels are group discussions based on topics (i.e. Billing, Holidays, Time-cards) or locations / departments

Teams convene effortlessly in groups that can be set up as Private or Public (within organizations). Plus, Cross Collaboration (including trusted partners and colleagues) available.

Direct Channels

Direct Channels are 1:1, private conversations

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"Our ER and return to hospital is virtually zero because we have real-time care, through Our resident care is much improved. Our residents are much happier, our families are much happier, our staff's much happier."

– Genettia Dean | Administrator
Twin Lakes Rehab


Nishat A. - Practice Manager
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Ensuring our patient communications are 100% HIPAA compliant. Fostering a strong culture of collaboration and support across a growing and spread out organization.
Dr. Janna - Hospice Director
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I love your app. Before, it was a big problem that we had so many team members and families that wanted to text. Kinzer (Wellsky) wasn't always available so we used initials all the time and it was a mess. Now we're HIPAA compliant and it's so much better.
Anonymous - Case Manager
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I love this app. It makes it much easier to be on the same page and using the same approaches.
Kathy B. - DON and Alt. Administrator
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We use the [usage data] tracking you provide on the system to recognize the people who have the highest amount of logins, messages, honors, reactions, [etc.] to recognize, award, and encourage our team...More and more we're seeing that teamwork and collaboration come into practice because everyone is wanting to participate in the communication.
Karen P. - Owner
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Before we found Hucu, we used 2 different systems: an internal and external system…and it really became unmanageable at some point. We looked everywhere for a different solution and after a lot, months, of research decided that Hucu was the best choice for our organization. It allows us to have that internal and external communication in one place.
Mandi K. - Clinical Care Coordinator
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There is so much potential for I am so excited about it, I even have my own dreams about what it will do for us. It is a game-changer in the industry as a whole, something I have never seen before.
Susan S. - CFO
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They always say ‘what are the things that keep you up at night?’ and before we had I would have to say, yes, our communication piece. Now having the support and the trust of this app makes me sleep better at night.
Dr. Srinivas J. - Physician
Read More has been a great blessing...Patients are dying because of delayed care. is helping us provide proper care immediately...because it is easy to use...[and] all the information in one place for the patient...we are happy has been there to help the patients, and providers to continue to provide the best care for the patients, in a timely manner and avoid complications.
Dr. Troy A.E. - MD
Read More provides a more direct line of communication, in a timely fashion, without playing the telephone game...We have noticed that the facilities that utilize more have a lower return to hospital rate, and the ones that are not using [] as much have more communication errors and there is not as much follow-through.
Elisha B. - Director of Admissions
Read More has saved LifeCare a lot of time by eliminating the need to have the team on 2 separate platforms. Also, having the web-based side of it. The fact that we can type out messages to our team and be able to upload reports right on your computer has saved us a TREMENDOUS amount of time. If it was only on my phone, I would still love it; but not nearly as much. We just love it so much more. It's the best!
Sarah H. - Clinical Director
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Sometimes, if you try to call a patient’s family member, their work hours and our work hours did not align so we can’t reach them. But with Hucu, we can text them a message and they can get back to us when they have a chance and vice versa.
Raina E. - Practice Manager
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if you are familiar with how to use technology, period, you can figure it out right away. I could use the main features of the app within a few minutes.
Skye Warren - Nurse Practitioner
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My organization has used less paper, improved communication, and has improved response time from providers by using It cuts down on time I have to use sorting through papers and writing out responses. Patient care is directly affected as orders can be given same day even when I am not physically in the facility vs. having to wait until my next rounds for simple needs. This also allows me to prioritize who I see on rounds and when.

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