Simple, Transparent Pricing.

Pay only for the features you need based on the size of your organization.

No long-term contracts or credit card required. No surprise fees.

Unlimited licenses for staff, external partners, and patients/families

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Basic Communication
HIPAA compliant messaging with anyone, anywhere
Streamlined and AI supported communication in Patient-Centered Channels
Distinct Professional & Patient/Family Communication
Topic or Group / Location-based Discussion Channels
Direct 1:1 Messages
Store & Access message history from 2 weeks to forever (14 Days)
Photo, Video, File, and Voice-clip sharing
Analytics & Reporting
Use on all devices: Desktop/browser & mobile app (iOS & Android)
No cost collaboration across the care continuum beyond your organization or team
Business Associate Agreement Included
HIPAA compliant, end-to-end encrypted, healthcare focused security to meet HIPAA and other regulatory requirements
A patient's entire care team (across multiple organizations) can communicate in one place.
Authorized care team members can distinctly communicate with patients and/or their authorized family members separate from the professional communications.
Create and communicate in public or private channels for groups, teams, locations, or departments including participants within and outside the organization to streamline group communication.
Privately Send / Receive messages to specific individuals.
30 days of access in Basic, but options including unlimited retention.
Share documents, images, videos, voice-clips securely. Attachments are not stored on devices to ensure additional privacy. Up to 1GB for enterprise storage.
Location level reporting showcasing message and user activity.
Access and respond to messages across all devices.
Collaborate with whoever you want, whenever you want. will enter into a BAA with your organization to ensure HIPAA compliance.
Premium Features
Take advantage of Premium Features to drive even greater organizational efficiency & performance
Everything in Basic Communication, And
Enhanced Communication
User-Specific Global Notification Center
Emoji & GIF Reactions
SMS/Text Message Notification*
Voice Clip Messaging
Personal Notifications Settings
1-Touch 3rd Party Telehealth / Video Conferencing
Prioritize and streamline message management. Identify and navigate to those messages you need to specifically focus upon across locations, patients, discussions, DMs with ability to filter.
Speed reactions and add some fun with emoji's and GIFs.
Ability to notify people not using or logged-into the Hucu app of messages via SMS/Text (usage charges apply).

Speed sending or responding to messages by send a voice note rather than typing.

Further streamline your notificationss to separate those that you do and not want to be notified of.

Users can add Zoom, Google or other video conferencing links in their profiles to launch video calls whenever, wherever.

Advanced Communication
Message Broadcast
Messaging Outside of Hucu (SMS/Text)
Message Read Receipts
Messaging Bookmarking
Out of Office notification w/ Auto-forwarding to Delegates
Forms/Assessments for care teams (cost per form)
Geo-Coded Check-in / Check-out
Broadcast messages to groups of internal/external teams, partners, patients/families within Hucu, and via SMS/Text or Email (per message usage fees apply for SMS & Email).
Allows people to send/receive messages without downloading the Hucu app (Usage charges apply).
See who has read your message at what time, and who has not.
Bookmark messages so you can easily find and refer to them at a future time. Can be used as reminders and To-Dos managed in one place.
Mark yourself "Out Of Office" and ensure your colleagues get the support they need by configuring special notification settings during that time. Also, forward all your messages to others as delegates.
Broad list of forms for care teams are already available in Hucu. Custom forms can also be created with Hucu's help.
Users can automatically record their locations when they check-in or check-out of Hucu for availability purposes. Admins can run reports to ensure people are checking in/out at the right place and at the right times.
Advanced Clinical Communication
Patient Acuity Scores
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Case Management
Hucu's algorithms identify acuity scores per patient so care teams can focus on patients that have higher acuity vs. those with lower acuity.
Easily "flag" a message in a patient channel to prioritize or alert specific members of the care team (i.e., Fall Risk, Housekeeping, Consult Needed, New Resident, Telemedicine, etc).
Automate messages, notifications, and actions based on Acuity and Flagging.
Assign case managers to different patients and vice versa - track performance and case loads.
Administrative Features
Hucu Availability Scheduling
Advanced Message Content Search
Custom Message Retention
Multiple Location Administration & Management
Global Administration (Across Locations)
Store & Access message history forever
Harmonize staff members' work schedule to Hucu's behavior. Notifications and message routing controlled by the user's availability as governed by their schedule.
Search for keywords within messages, across channels, locations, and over time.
Configure how long messages are retained (default is 7-14 years). Messages are de-identified from the patient channels so they cannot be retreived.
When multiple locations (including Network Partners') are configured, provide administrative control from within one entity.
Ability to administer and support clients' locations easily.
Indefinite message retention.
Hucu Customizations
Custom logo & Landing Page
Custom User Consent Management
Custom Referral Management
Upload your logo to appear in the app, and on a custom landing page for your website.
Have special requirements for your employees to sign a consent before they can use Hucu to communicate? We can make it happen.
Allow members / patients to communicate via Hucu during the referral process, and before becoming 'active' patients in Hucu.

Frequently Asked Questions

PRICING messaging is free forever. Plus , Pro and Enterprise plans are available with a variety of features for a nominal per patient (or location) per month fee. No credit card is required for the trial. To convert to paid, payment via ACH or credit card is available.

There’s no catch 🙂 We believe that HIPAA compliant communication and care coordination should be afforadable and accessible to all – that’s why we offer our free/basic model and structure our pricing on a per patient basis.

No, we do not require long-term contracts. offers month-to-month and discounted annual subscription plans. Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime, terminating account access and billing process at the start of the next scheduled renewal date.

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