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Optimize clinician time & support team utilization > Provide timely care to MORE patients > Increase revenues

How innovative Direct Primary Care Doctors use

See how provider groups are saving over 70% of their time in coordinating care.
Medical Communication Apps

Get MORE Done.

Real-time prioritized patient lists organized for each team member.

Hipaa Compliant communication app,

Sign MORE Patients

Help improve panel size, manage shifts and share insightful data.

Hipaa messaging hub

Provide MORE Care

Connect with patients to follow up faster.

Engage MORE Staff

Recognize & appreciate. Unify culture with better patient-centered focus.


Help everyone get MORE done every day

  • Organize Providers’ Days by automatically generating real-time prioritized patient hot lists
  • Prioritized Patient Hot Lists are further organized by each clinic location
  • Streamline Communication Between Providers & Referral Partners by allowing them to communicate in context within each Patient-Channel, with each other in 1-1 Direct Messages & within internal and/or external Groups through Collaboration Channels
  • Timely, Yet Distinctive Notifications when providers and facility staff tag each other, or when the entire Group is tagged, or when no one is tagged.
clinicians optimize


Better Communication Drives Better Care; Better Care Drives Patient/Family Satisfaction

  • Reduce Patient/Family Anxiety & Increase Peace of Mind by providing steady and timely communication
  • Provide Patients/Families with Best in Class Experience with focused & organized messages in Hucu, instead of disjointed silo personal messages in device app
  • Assure Questions are Answered in easy-to-field messages reducing family concerns about care in a timely manner
  • Reduce Potential Liability by Establishing Trustful Relationships with Patients/Families through more frequent and transparent dialogue
  • Improve Patient/Family Satisfaction by providing seamless communication across all involved care team members
Family Care Team Satisfaction


Engage & retain distributed team members while building the culture you want

  • Leverage Remote Care Managers to follow up with patients on optional treatments (e.g., aesthetics, yoga)
  • Provide Work/Life Balance by isolating work messages in the Hucu app, instead of flooding their personal messaging device app
  • Establish Better Focus at Work by reducing noise and distractions since no need to dig through personal messages to get to work messages
  • Reduce Anxiety by empowering team members to set personal status so others know when they are Available, Busy or Away
  • Unify Team Culture by sharing announcements, news, birthdays, best practices, articles, and more
  • Recognize High Performing Team Members with the highest Hucu Honors ™ (peer recognition points gained by helping each other and providing timely care to patients)
Leverage Distributed

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