Physician & NP Groups

Practice groups providing on site care for some of the highest risk patients in nursing homes (SNFs) now have the ability to bring teams together. Your distributed virtual workforce forms a cohesive and inclusive culture while delivering optimal patient-centered care. All supported by the right messaging infrastructure.  

SNFs & Senior Living

As acuity increases, real-time communication is essential to track patient status and reduce complications. improves access to care team members via push and pull notifications that deliver images, documents, and text messages. All in a HIPAA compliant secure app!


Medicare Advantage

Build a truly seamless narrow network with easy to use messaging! With, collaborators have visibility to patients across settings, maximizing continuity of care. Care coordinators have increased access to partners to manage transitions with HIPAA compliant communications.

Medicare - Hipaa Texting App
Area Agencies on Aging

Area Agencies on Aging

Enable real-time communication to support your teams, service providers and consumers on person centered channels. provides real-time acuity scoring and SDOH tracking for consumer risk management. Deep analytics provide understanding of consumer status and partner communication.

Hospice Providers​

Patients with chronic and terminal conditions and their families often benefit significantly from hospice care.To experience “a good death” free from pain, extraordinary communication is required. Particularly in the era of Covid-19, hospice providers need easy tools for remote consultations to provide support to healthcare teams and families alike. provides easy communication in difficult situations.

home healthcare Hipaa
Medical Communication Apps

Home Healthcare​

With reduced lengths of stay and increased speed of hospital discharge, home healthcare providers need direct access to PCPs, hospital staff, and care partners. provides easy HIPAA compliant messaging to connect in real time to keep healthcare teams in the loop. Now home is where the healthcare is!

Home care

Seniors want to be in their homes, in their routines and close to their support system. improves communication to make that easier. With a simple HIPAA compliant app, homecare aides connect with their supervisors, therapists and referral partners. Added support means seniors can stay in their homes safely longer. Hucu support provides improved communication for improved peace of mind.

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Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

Scale your Direct Primary Care Practice with easy messaging. Empower all your clinicians to operate at the optimal level. Experience a new level of responsiveness and teamwork with real-time manageable notifications. Communicate seamlessly with patients. NOW INTEGRATED WITH HINT HEALTH.

Behavioral Health Providers

Eliminate the use of non-HIPAA compliant media like SMS text and email to keep in touch with patients and clinicians. provides easy, real-time, patient-centered communication that requires no IT support. The team is committed to providing analytics of clinician and patient communications that deliver higher quality of care.
How it Works
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Patient & Family Communication

Good healthcare has always required family support and frequent status updates. Now more than ever, patient support networks need to be engaged with simple, speedy streamlined communication. Healthcare providers, patients and family members can reach each other in real time using