Trailblazers in value based health care – Omair Siraj, CEO of Chestnut Health

Trailblazers in value based health care

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“The argument of value base care is systematic not scientific” – Omair Siraj

The field of medicine itself is not changing. The challenge, rather, is the rapid growth of the patient population and the provider community keeping up. We interviewed Omair Siraj, CEO of Chestnut health, a privately owned medical group catering to the fast changing needs of acute and post cute care industry in Chicago. 

In a value based care model, there are three patient attributes healthcare teams need to be aware of to reduce risk in patient care delivery:  the current status, fluid status, and the fast status. A delay or gap in any of these will affect the patient directly. Hence, technology is the piece that keeps everyone connected and in the loop.

Siraj clarifies that we don’t need new technology, per se, we need technology that understands the multidimensional aspect of the healthcare industry. We have providers addressing different tiers of the human body and need technology to communicate with one another in real time.  

The challenge today is the availability of sophisticated technology that lacks understanding of the healthcare industryHucu.aiBest HIPAA Compliant Texting App holds the expertise to adjust to the fast paced changes in the industry. is the best choice there is out there of a HIPAA compliant patient centered communication app.

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