Trailblazers in Value Based Care – Dr. Bader Almoshelli, CEO of Community Physicians

Trailblazers in Value Based Care

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When it comes to leaders who are trailblazing their way through Value Based Care, Dr. Almoshelli (CEO of Community Physicians) is certainly one of the key figures in the midwest. Community Physicians is one of the fastest growing multi-specialty provider groups in the region bringing hospital level care to many facilities (SNFs, Rehab, ALs, ILs, and more).

In a recent conversation with Dr. Almoshelli, he shared his perspective around post-acute care and the industry’s shift to Value Based Care. 

According to Dr. Almoshelli, the industry is transitioning to value based care from the decades old fee for service model; which still is the dominant model. However, for any organization to start moving toward value based care, there’s one most critical and absolute realization it must make. That is, majority of the focus should be on the patient. Those organizations doing what’s right for the patient in a timely manner and adjusting their operations accordingly, while also reaching a positive bottom line, will be the leaders of the future. Dr. Almoshelli is a strong advocate for meaningful communication for his patients, which simply means caring for the patient in real time and communicating with other stakeholders efficiently so best decisions can be made timely – not just doing things (entering information in EHR, waiting for fax to arrive, leaving voicemails and hoping a call back, and so on) for the sake of doing things.

  1. Excellent Providers (Physicians, NPs, RNs, and more) who work as a team and support not only each other but also partner organizations (post acute facilities) most efficiently
  2. Multidisciplinary Team (Cardiologists, Podiatrists, Physiatrists, Psychiatrists, and more) that becomes an extended team for partners (post acute facilities) so patients do not have to wait for referrals and instead right specialist can jump in at the right time to take care of a given situation
  3. Leveraging meaningful technology to enhance care through standardized and optimized processes (higher quality care) while generating necessary analytics for on-going improvements and tweaks
Finally, in order to accomplish each of the above, an organization has to find ways to ensure that they have the best culture, incentives and tools that make the providers’ lives easier every single day. This allows the organization to not only have dibs on the best talent but also have structure put in place to retain the same. And since Community Physicians’ providers are spread out serving many different locations across different geographies, one of the key success factors is open and streamlined communication not only within the team but also with staff working at partners’ post acute facilities. 
It all boils down to “meaningful communication”, as Dr. Almoshelli mentioned earlier, driving real-time care decisions for the most important aspect of healthcare – the patient.  It is the glue that ties everything together, and that’s why Dr. Almoshelli chose as Community Physicians’ HIPAA compliant messaging tool because of its ease of use, and ability to be used across multiple facilities and across different partners, yet all such communication is organized around each specific patient (patient-centered).

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