Case Study


The Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

The Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing is a state of the art, 280 bed, Skilled Nursing Facility offering quality medical care. Board Certified physicians and licensed skilled nursing staff offer specialized care to all residents. The Hamptons Center provides both long-term care and short-term Sub Acute Therapy designed to meet the needs of residents requiring post-acute hospital rehabilitation services. 

At a glance


  • Coordination for large team
  • Delayed communication
  • Secure HIPAA compliance


  • Easy access for a dispersed team
  • Real-time notifications
  • HIPAA compliance

Stacy shared that she does not have to play the game of going back and forth with her team concerning patient status, updates, and questions. Her team is now on the same page. It is a win-win – 


Stacy Raeihle, Director.


Coordination With Different Team Members

Coordination With Different Team Members 


Broad cross-functional teams including rehabilitation team members, therapists, social workers and MDS billing staff were challenged to keep current with patients’ statuses. Multiple physical binders were used that were difficult to maintain and keep track of. This consumed a lot of energy and time, often resulting in a “vicious cycle” of confusion and follow up.

Delays In Communication of Important Health Updates



Without a good tool, communication often waited for meetings, resulting in misunderstanding. Critical information regarding patient discharge status didn’t reach team members for proper billing. People didn’t get timely updates.

Looking For More Secure and Effective Ways To Communicate


Patient-Centered Channels That Build The Team


At the start of her weekly meeting, Stacy pulls up on her laptop and scans patient updates from her team members in each channel. All her therapists post patient statuses and questions in the relevant patient channel and she can answer them right away. has saved the Hamptons team a lot of time. 

Greater Accessibility Across Locations offers accessibility from different locations. Her team can still connect via regardless of where they are geographically and stay updated in real-time. has organized all communication and made it easy for her to follow up with her team members.

HIPAA Compliance has eliminated all chances of misunderstanding and gaps in communication. is patient-centered and HIPAA compliant which other communication apps are not. e.g. WhatsApp.


save time with hours

SAVED TIME enables quicker responses among team members, which saves a great deal of their time. Their team posts questions they may have over a patient in the specific channel. With, the response to all of that is just one click away.

TEAMS ON THE SAME PAGE has brought the entire team at the Hamptons Center together. allows all of their team members to stay connected over important patient updates, regardless of where they may be.

ABILITY TO GROW offers security above all else. The technology that offers is unparalleled, as it is quite easy to use and requires no training among staff members.