Connected Healthcare Saves Time, Boosts Productivity

Stacy Raeihle, Director of Rehabilitation at The Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing loves computers, is tech-savvy, and is a strong believer in leveraging technology like to make processes easier. Like most physical therapy teams working In senior living communities, the Hamptons Team previously struggled in team communication about patient status and progress.

Problems Faced by the Hamptons Center before

  • In a weekly team meeting, Stacy and her team members, therapists, social workers, and MDS billing staff update her about patients’ statuses and ask questions which she writes down in different binders.
  • Later, she would check all her binders and get back to individual team members with the answers. This consumed a lot of energy and time. Stacy called this a ‘vicious circle’.
  • Her team members had to be physically present to exchange important health information about her patients.
  • There were misunderstandings with so much back and forth in the communication. For example, a patient’s discharge wouldn’t be approved by her but would take place which caused problems later on.
  • She used WhatsApp for team communication and emails for social work which did not work. She would send a message about a patient which all therapists could see. Long feeds in the WhatsApp group made communication ineffective.
  • Sometimes she could not send a message in the WhatsApp group because she did not want it to be seen by irrelevant team members. It was frustrating for her.

Communication Becomes A Breeze After

  • At the start of her weekly meeting, Stacy pulls up on her laptop and scans patient updates from her team members in each channel. All her therapists post patient statuses and questions in the relevant patient channel and she can answer them right away.
  • Instead of having to follow up after the meeting to track down answers, she can reply at the moment, so there’s no communication required after the meeting. That has saved a lot of her time and her team is on one page.
  • offers accessibility from different locations. Her team can still connect via regardless of where they are geographically and stay updated in real-time.
  • As a director, she now has a hold over everything and is more aware of what’s going on. has organized all communication and made it easy for her to follow up with her team members.
  • has eliminated all chances of misunderstanding and gaps in communication.
  • is patient-centered and HIPAA compliant which other communication apps are not. e.g. WhatsApp.
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Finally, how was saving time for them?

Stacy shared that she does not have to play the game of going back and forth with her team concerning patient status, updates, and questions. Staff does not need to go back, get a task done and then come ask her and then go back again to get something else done. Her team is now on the same page. Additionally, her team was able to get a handle on quickly because it is very easy to use. She did not even have to train them. It is a win-win.