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Chicago, Illinois, July 6, 2023 – Teleios Collaborative Network joins’s advanced communication platform, for timely care coordination within and across organizations. 

Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) is a nonprofit network of high-quality palliative and advanced illness providers with a commitment to innovation, performance, and service to communities. TCN is a pioneer in the Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) space for serious illness providers and established a CIN to assist nonprofit hospice and serious illness programs in achieving economies of scale and collaborating in ways that allow each agency to advance their goals for better patient outcomes. 

TCN supports all of its members with expert services so that members can meet the quadruple aim while providing high quality hospice and serious illness care. TCN services range from back-office support such as accounting, accounts payable, billing, census forecasting tools, and credentialing to advanced technical support and educational programs such as Hospice Essentials and Leadership Immersion. With leading subject matter specialists, TCN ensures that their members receive these full benefits and successfully achieve their missions, while building capabilities to take advantage of growing value based care payment models.

In the words of Chris Comeaux (CEO – Teleios Collaborative Network), 

Our TCN mission is to provide care the way it should be. Our model is to enable what happens at the local level, via helping more patients and families get the care they need, through our subject matter specialty coaching services, or helping our members in launching or improving their palliative care programs.  supports our members through revolutionary patient-centered, intelligent messaging.“

TCN and its members have built great relationships amongst each other, and they have accomplished all of this by focusing on “workplace culture” across their organizations. They realize how important this is, given staffing shortages are on the rise in the aftermath of a global pandemic that has badly shaken up the healthcare industry. Overcoming communication barriers in the workplace is a critical support for a positive culture.

For this purpose, TCN chose’s leading healthcare communication app as an excellent option to streamline communication within and across member organizations and their trusted partners. 

Better communication means improved care coordination, which means happier staff and an excellent workplace culture.’s mobile/web-based app makes things easier for everyone using it in the process of their care delivery. saves medical professionals time and keeps them engaged and satisfied with their daily workflows by lessening administrative burdens. Greater team recognition via interactions supports great culture and drives team development.

We continue to support care organizations in communicating through a secure and more efficient platform, with greater team collaboration among them, all the while driving quality patient outcomes and outstanding patient/family satisfaction.” – Asif Khan, CEO – 

About TCN

TCN is a nonprofit organization that has created a clinically integrated network that shares expert leadership, industry best practices, and resources with its member organizations, allowing community-based, nonprofit hospice and palliative care agencies to continue their work of providing compassionate care for those facing serious illness or the end of life. There are over 3,500 hospice and 4,300 palliative patients in its network. TCN is currently composed of thirteen member organizations  in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Idaho, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, and Utah. 

About is an innovative patient–centered messaging solution, that streamlines communication workflows, drives efficiency, and reduces burnout among care teams. With better communication, increases provider satisfaction and helps create a connected and patient-centered workplace culture, where care teams feel supported. 
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