Techniques for Enhancing Doctor Schedules

Techniques for Enhancing Doctor Schedules

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Time is of the essence for medical professionals and all caretakers. The healthcare system is filled with even more patients, and hospitals are continuously overburdened. Doctors are trying to achieve more results with limited resources. They need more time to deliver the necessary care for their patients and to manage their schedules.

A study released by Medscape News revealed that if physicians are to provide effective care to their patients, they would need to work 27 hours a day. Furthermore, this survey has also demonstrated that those doctors who work more than 71 hours a week are prone to experiencing burnout, with 44% of those surveyed declaring they had experienced it. Half of the respondents also stated they worked between 60 and 70 hours a week.

Medical professionals face an uphill battle when it comes to helping their patients. One of the ways that they can overcome this is through improved appointment scheduling.

Using the Scheduling solution, you could save up to 70% of the time you would normally use to create physician schedules, resulting in a total of 286 hours a year.

Analyzing the Use of Automation in Doctor Appointments

Medical professionals have used manual scheduling throughout the years to arrange tasks such as visits, assessments, and therapy. Unfortunately, this is a very time-consuming practice. According to Forbes, physicians spend more than two-thirds of their time on paperwork, including scheduling, instead of seeing patients, which is only 27 percent of their day.

The growth of digital communications and records has revealed a better approach by EHR system, all data saved in cloud-based data storage. As most patient documents are now digital, it is simpler for doctors to access them electronically. Paper-based procedures are being replaced by digital ones, including physician scheduling.

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Paper-less Environment Welcome Automation

Using digital data and automating the scheduling process can be beneficial in many ways. It can provide benefits such as saving time, reducing staff burnout, and augmenting productivity. Automation not only removes any roadblocks, but it can also identify any issues with communication that may be occurring. Scheduling Solution is a tool that can facilitate automated scheduling, which can save physicians time and energy when creating a reliable timetable. Additionally, it integrates with the Clinical Collaboration platform, allowing users to manage their tasks and on-call assignments in a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the algorithms and workflows of Scheduling help reduce the workload for medical and administrative personnel while ensuring equitable time distribution.

This scheduling service offers a variety of key functions, such as:

  • Physicians can save time by utilizing an Auto Scheduler to generate accurate and equitable timetables in minutes.
  • Vacation and Time-Off, Managing requests and approvals are straightforward with this tool.
  • Providers have the ability to automatically stop, suspend and terminate patient visits.
  • Tailored/Combined Views: People can combine scheduling displays on a tailored daily, weekly, or monthly basis – either one person at a time or by the organization.

The Clinical Collaboration platform allows physicians to quickly access the right care provider, whether by individual or role (for example, Trauma Surgeon). Additionally, this platform allows for real-time communication of scheduling modifications and visibility of future shifts and vacations.

Automated Scheduling Right on Time 

Time restraints often impact the care of patients, and the amount of new individuals arriving at healthcare facilities is only making it more difficult for physicians to be effective. Automation can be of great help, however, as it can improve workloads and streamline the scheduling process. Doing so will help physicians maximize their time and provide better patient care.

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Patients are Uncomfortable Using Scheduling Applications

Most patients feel that their doctor’s technology needs to be better and that they’d rather miss an appointment instead of navigating the appointment scheduling process.

Doctors have put money into technology that does not meet patients’ expectations, according to their write “What patients want from healthcare.” San Mateo automation firm Notable is based in California. Notable surveyed 1,005 patients in March and released its findings in November. 14.

“Our survey data shows that when care is difficult to access, many patients simply don’t go to the doctor,” Notable Director of Research Carle Falk wrote in a press release. “People do not skip visits to the doctor because they’re confused by the results of tests or are worried about an appointment. They’re staying away from medical appointments because the process of booking appointments is difficult and takes too long and time.”

The company stated that its digital scheduling software fails due to the fact that they require calls to the phone and scheduling intervention. This process causes patient inconveniences, limiting access since hospitals need help filling their support service positions.

One of the conclusions from the patients’ studies:

  • 63% of respondents said that the tools offered by their provider needed to live up to expectations.
  • 61% of respondents said they’ve avoided going to the doctor due to scheduling issues.
  • 70% of customers tried online scheduling over the last year but were diverted to a call.
  • 30 percent of the patients stated that they had not used digital services within the last year to make appointments, fill out forms, or pay bills.
  • 41% of clients have changed providers due to poor experience with digital.
  • 75 percent of patients prefer to fill out intake forms online.
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Patients have also reported that the wait times for appointments are increasing, despite the fact that more technology is integrated to improve visit enrollment and intake.

Notable recommended a three-step method for executives, physicians, and IT support personnel to alter their digital interfaces with patients:

  • Conduct an assessment of modern digital tools and what people feel about them.
  • Begin by enhancing patient intake. It is important to note that “seamless patient intake is non-negotiable for patients.”
  • Enhance the experience of caregivers and patients by implementing intelligent automation.

Using automated physician scheduling, healthcare data, and healthcare technology has become an effective way to streamline physician and on-call schedules. Healthcare automation has made it possible for healthcare organizations to improve their efficiency and better manage their operations. is a FREE HIPAA-compliant messaging service for patients that provides real-time health information for patients and staff attrition risk reports. users streamline professional communication through our simple-to-use application that sends push notifications when colleagues tag them for instant delivery. Communication is optimized using customized collaboration channels, all channels for patients, company channels, as well as direct messaging with the capability to move easily from channel to within the context. The ability to configure availability and notifications increases confidence in sending the right message to the right people at the right time. provides valuable support for creating a positive, secure patient-centered culture.

If you are curious about how can facilitate the scheduling of physicians, don’t hesitate to contact our service center at

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