Amanda Patrick is the owner of Scottsville Counseling Center and the facility’s mission is to provide quality, affordable mental health services for the communities it serves. Amanda shared how thankful she is for finding not just for the product it is but for the great team behind it that is always there to support her.

We asked her some questions about some of the TOP ways she uses in her facility.

Top Ways Amanda and Her Team Uses As Part of their Daily Workflows

  • They use is for scheduling clients and for client-based communication
  • They use it for being accessible to clients 24 hours
  • is a ‘lifeline’ for her and her team to share details in a HIPAA secure platform
  • They use it to extend a very curated experience of communication to their clients
Scottsville Counseling

Her Vision for Her Organization and Top Ways Supports it

  • They consider themselves to be a boutique private practice that offers a tailored experience to clients and helps provide seamless communication to achieve that
  • They really want to get to know all their clients and helps them communicate freely in a secure HIPAA compliant platform
  • It is easy to connect with outside providers and have real-time communication especially in rural areas where communication challenges exist
  • We want to be affordable to our clients and yet have up-to-date technology and fulfills that vision

Top Challenges that Solved for Amanda and Her Team

  • Before, they communicated via phone calls and had to use a creative ‘encrypted language’ which was a huge problem
  • They had to go back and dig through emails or messages to find the needed information which took a lot of time. With, it is all organized and saves time

Top Ways Has Impacted Team Collaboration and Staff Development

  • They were able to relocate their facility in less than 3 months and did all that without losing a single client call thanks to
  • Communicating with the team in real-time has helped stay organized with workflows and boosted the team’s confidence

Top Ways Has Helped Her Clients

  • Covid-19 expanded the use of telehealth and with, they are able to reach clients in rural areas who didn’t know that affordable therapy existed
  • They are able to offer one on one meditation and yoga sessions to their clients remotely using to clients beyond the state of Kentucky
  • They can reach out to a client in crisis via the app instantly knowing it’s a secure HIPAA platform

What’s Amanda’s favorite thing about

“My favorite thing about is the people. I believe energy finds energy. I can go find a product, that is not a problem but finding the right people and understanding what drove them to build the product and how are they going to be there to mutually support me if that product isn’t functioning or if I have questions about the product ..or really when you think about connecting people to people, you want to know the people that build the product. That is going to be your hub for connection because products have power and energy behind them. I’ve found my technology folks that help us stay connected anywhere, so thank you for allowing us in the boat with you.
The biggest gift of finding is finding like-minded business owners behind it who have that energy and care and that sells to me. And it sets it apart so much from other products. With we feel like it is a real collaboration.”