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About Scottsville Counseling Center

Amanda Patrick is the owner of Scottsville Counseling Center and the organization’s mission is to provide quality mental health services for the communities it serves. Amanda has built a team of counseling professionals who improve the lives of their clients.



  • Confusing Text Messages
  • Lack of Easy Access to Needed Information 
  • HIPAA compliance 


  • Seamless communication 
  • Greater accessibility
  • is HIPAA compliant 

“My favorite thing about is the people. I can go find a product, that is not a problem but finding the right people and understanding what drove them to build the product and how are they going to be there to mutually support me if that product isn’t functioning or if I have questions about the product .. I’ve found my technology folks that help us stay connected anywhere. 

Amanda Patrick, Owner


Confusing text messaging threads

Before, Scottsville Counseling Center’s team communicated via phone calls and had to use creative ‘cryptic language’. This caused difficulties in sharing necessary information.

Keeping track of information 

Team members consulting on client issues had to go back and dig through emails or messages to find the needed information which took a lot of time. Information was not properly organized and that took up a great amount of their team’s time. 

HIPAA compliant communication

There was no guarantee of security or HIPAA compliance. For the team at Scottsville Counseling Center, this mattered a great deal and they sought a communication platform where they could securely communicate with each other. 


Seamless means of communication 

A secure messaging platform: practical sharing is a ‘lifeline’ for her and her team to share details in a HIPAA secure platform. They use is for scheduling clients and for client-based communication. They really want to get to know all their clients and helps them communicate freely in a secure HIPAA compliant platform.

Easier flow of information: greater accessibility 

They use for being accessible to clients 24 hours. They use it to extend a very curated experience of communication to their clients. Through, it is easy to connect with outside providers and have real-time communication especially in rural areas where communication challenges exist. Scottsville wants to be affordable to clients and yet have up-to-date technology and fulfills that vision. 

Constant work updates helps the team stay connected remotely so they are not ‘tethered’ to their laptops. They can be offline or on the road and still get updates and notifications related to workflows or clients via’s mobile app. 

Staff development 

They were able to relocate their facility in less than 3 months and did all that without losing a single client call thanks to Communicating with the team in real-time has helped stay organized with workflows and boosted the team’s confidence. 




Records of a conversation are impactful, particularly in case of disagreement among staff members. helped highlight people who are passionate about their patients and facilities: staff who stay connected regarding patients. Caseloads have dramatically grown painlessly.


ABILITY TO GROW has been influential in Provectus’ growth, in terms of providing the highest quality services to patients and facilities. With, Provectus has been able to continuously add patients and facilities (10X+) while providing great quality care.