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About Aquarian Clinic Direct Primary Care

Dr.Taylor Drew from Aquarian Clinic is on the leading edge of the concierge medicine movement. By being available to her patients easily via, she has made it easier for her patients to stay healthy and quickly address concerns. 



  • Communication with patients
  • HIPAA compliance 
  • Regular updates on patient status 


  • Direct communication between provider/patient in
  • is HIPAA compliant 
  • Constant patient updates via 
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“By using Hucu, it truly allowed me to have a streamlined, constant communication with my patients which other systems did not offer.”  


Dr. Taylor Drew COO and Co-Founder 


Coordinating patient care

Prior to, the Aquarian team and patients would send messages and wait for responses.  They were not sure when. The Aquarian team had to be informed separately about each patient so that they could send or receive messages. It was a hassle and didn’t work out. It was difficult for patients to get in touch even during the scheduled working hours. 

HIPAA compliant communication needs

Patients or team members were not able to share sensitive information over the telephone or email because these were not HIPAA compliant.

Timely updates over patient status 

Lots of duplication of documents was required to update different departments and team members in the facility about patient status. A lot of time and effort was required to complete documentation every day. There were also costs associated with this and chances of errors were always there.


Direct communication with patients allows the Aquarian team to communicate with patients directly at any time of the day. The team is able to participate in patient-centered communication on behalf of the doctor. Users can easily communicate availability as “Available”, “Busy”, or “Away” for the team and patients in,  so they have the right expectations for responsiveness. Patient satisfaction has dramatically increased since they can reach out to Dr. Drew remotely in real-time.

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A HIPAA compliant application is a safe, HIPAA compliant app through which patients and clinicians can share images, documents and records safely.

Quicker team updates has eased the hassle of duplicating documents to update care team members. Now one document can be shared on the app with care team members and they are all updated.

Timely care ensures that the time that went into documentation can now be used to care more effectively for patients instead. is the new way of medical interaction.

Driving care teams forward

Dr.Taylor is now available round the clock for patients via This is precisely what is helping in expanding the Aquarian patient base and drive the care business forward each day. 


save time with hours


Better client information sharing through saves the entire team at Aquarian Clinic a lot of time.



Dr.Drew is able to communicate directly with her patients through at any given time during the day.



Dr.Drew is there for her patients whenever they need her via i and this is a huge plus for their collective growth.