The Springs


The Springs at Butte is a senior living facility located in the beautiful area of Butte, Montana, which offers services in assisted living, independent living and memory care. Their community is home to comfortable living spaces, community amenities and a loving home environment that makes it a top-notch care experience for residents. Their goal is to have every resident have a healthy social experience, where they don’t simply retire but continue to lead their lives in ways that prove both fun and meaningful.



  • Coordinating with multiple departments
  • File/media management lagged
  • Quick communication feedback


  • enables communication with teams and resident families
  • Enhanced features such as file/media management available in
  • Instant staff updates
  • Very user-friendly
  • Resident engagement
the springs

“We started to see the value with almost immediately, because we had such a great response from the families, they were jumping on-board with that communication back and forth.”

– Tonya Kish, Director of Life Enrichment


Successful communication across multiple departments

The Springs at Butte is a big senior community and is comprised of nine departments including life enrichment as well as separate healthcare departments for assisted and independent living. They sought a communication tool that would allow their staff to communicate with each other in different departments plus help them stay in touch with their resident’s families. This was critical to growing their enterprise.

File attachment & video communication proved ineffective

In order to meet the demands of the day, the Springs team wanted to be able to attach any PDFs, letters, live videos, pictures and have zoom meetings while communicating with the team and resident families. Previous messaging apps were unable to accommodate their needs as they did not offer all these capabilities in a single platform.

Instant communication: a proactive response/feedback

The Springs of Butte consists of a big team and they are all busy, out there and not sitting on their desks all day round. For this purpose, they wanted to have instant communication to quickly resolve any issues their residents might be having. Quick team collaboration lacked real-time messaging.


Easier communication workflows has improved internal workflows for the Springs at Butte by bridging the gap in communication across multiple departments and with the residents’ families. Seamless communication through makes it possible for their departments to work so well together. Likewise, this communication has brought residents closer with their families. allows families, regardless of their location, to be more involved in the resident’s care journey through live updates on a day to day basis.

Enhanced capabilities exceeds expectations as it offers multiple capabilities in a single platform. With’s mobile/web-based app, the Springs team is now able to attach files, share live videos, letters, pictures, schedule zoom meetings and much more. allows the Springs team to share all this information with each other and the resident’s families, Now, they can communicate with the families through pictures, live videos, zoom meetings and share any file they need to.

Greater team collaboration has increased team collaboration for the Springs team through instant means of communication. This helps their team respond quicker in case the resident might be facing some difficulty. provides their team a tool, that allows them to quickly coordinate over issues at the facility and then get that issue resolved almost immediately.

Super user-friendly

The Springs staff finds to be super user-friendly and support from their team made it that much easier to bring team members quickly on-board. Their staff was quite comfortable using from the get-go and it really didn’t take them much time getting used to it.

Resident engagement

With, the Springs is seeing their residents get more engaged. One of their residents, 90 years old, joined her own channel. Staff updates over activities would spark off these wonderful conversations between her and her children, reminiscing over great memories spent together.


save time with hours

SAVED TIME saves the Springs staff a great deal of their time. The staff can quickly share important information such as fliers or newsletters with the residents’ families in in a very short amount of time.



With, the teams at Springs at Butte are communicating better with instant feedback over resident problems. allows their teams to collectively respond, making it possible for issues to be quickly solved. 85% of their patients’ families engage with staff.

Retain staff and grow

ABILITY TO GROW supports The Springs at Butte, in their overall vision to grow and provide their residents with a first-class experience. Efficient communication in with the team and the families has contributed to the quality of resident care.