With 50+ years of industry experience, Rennes Group is at the forefront of skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapy across the state of Wisconsin. With six state-of-the-art facilities, they have expanded their outreach from their first facility in Peshtigo, Wisconsin into Appleton, De Pere, Marinette, Weston and Wisconsin Rapids. Backed by a compassionate care team, Rennes offers care services across independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care facilities and memory care support. The Weston community is one of Rennes Group’s most innovative communities serving more than 80 residents with a team of more than 50 staff members. 



  • Having 24/7 support from providers
  • Team involvement in a patient’s care
  • Keeping up with HIPAA regulations 


  • Instant connectivity between facility staff and providers via
  • Patient-specific channels in keep entire team informed
  • Prompt-response time
  • is quite easy to use


The best thing about Hucu is prompt response time. I love it, it is so nice to know that there are providers monitoring 24/7. 


It is very easy to use. I think it’s a great product and I like having it here.” 

Amber B (Director of Nursing – Rennes Group, Weston)


Looking for a communication system that provides 24/7 support from providers

Long-term care facilities need to communicate back and forth with physicians, nurse practitioners and facility staff throughout their busy days and nights. The real challenge was streamlining internal communications between facility staff and the providers for efficient and responsive 24/7 support. 

Getting the entire team up and running in a specific patient’s care journey

Facility staff needed to comply with HIPAA requirements

Long-term care facilities want their teams to stay connected with each other, outside partners and eventually their resident families. What they wanted most is the ability to securely communicate in a single virtual platform without compromising patient confidentiality. 


Instant provider & staff engagement enables real-time communication between facility staff and providers when at the facility or during after-hours. With’s secure messaging app, facility staff at Rennes-Weston enjoy 24/7 support from providers and can reach out to them whenever patients need support. This has been a contributing factor towards better and improved patient care at their facility.

Patient-specific channels offers patient-specific communication. For their facility staff, prompt responses via patient channels in keep the entire staff and outside providers updated on any prior conversation, changing patient needs or other requests. What this does is ensure that everyone is updated and involved with the same level of awareness in a patient’s care plan as they move ahead in their care delivery.

Team support

With quick response time on, the staff at Rennes Weston facility feels supported delivering quality care to their patients. This improves job satisfaction, as they now have access to a communication tool that enables prompt-response time with facility staff, providers and other partners. 

Easy to use

Responsive attitudes  

The team is extremely responsive. By supporting the launch, listening and responding to additional needs, maximized potential in the system, and has contributed to effective patient care at their facility. 


save time with hours

SAVED TIME saves facility staff a great deal of time, as it enables quicker response time between staff and providers.



Team collaboration at Rennes Weston has grown stronger due to their utilization of’s app.


ABILITY TO GROW has been influential in improving quality outcomes at Rennes Weston, driving better patient care overall.