Hucu's Intelligent Communication Improves Provider Group Productivity by 30% & Enhances Client Satisfaction
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At a glance

Provectus, a physician and nurse practitioner group serving nursing homes and assisted living facility, is a leader in providing high-quality care in a home-like environment. Their unique approach to providing care includes routine and frequent communication not just between Provectus and facility staff, but also with allied caregivers such as pharmacists, physical therapists, community service organizations, and even with residents & their families themselves. The complexities in communicating with such a broad and dynamic set of individuals supporting each of the residents presented significant communication challenges contributing to reduced operational and clinical efficiency, along with added burden on providers and staff.



Knowing with whom to communicate for each patient was a challenge

One patient may have children who actively participate in their care and support, while another may be all alone.  Furthermore, one may have a local cardiologist who routinely checks on them, while another does not.  Keeping track of who is “on the team” and who is not was a real challenge, and often-times resulted in specific individuals not being aware of what was happening.


Knowing how to communicate with each of them was a challenge


Provectus tried various communication methods and tools of communication, to address the challenges but none of them met their needs. Because they are on the leading edge of patient-centered care, they needed a better solution

What was required?
A secure platform that was resident-centered and allowed for the ease of adding and removing care team members regardless of the organizations in which those individual worked, or their role on the team. Hucu met the need with:

Streamlined Communication

A single platform for all communication needs, including text, voice calls, and secure messaging.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface to improve adoption and reduce training time.

Patient-Centered Care

Features facilitating clear communication and information sharing within the team and separately with patients and families.

HIPAA Compliance

Secure messaging to ensure patient privacy and regulatory adherence.

Customization & Support listened to Provectus' needs and customized the platform for their specific workflows.

We had searched for a long time for a good communication system, and Hucu allowed us to effectively communicate with all parties while maintaining an individual patient flow of information. It has saved myself and my co-workers time and allows us to control the flow of information, preventing continuous interruptions and distractions throughout the day.


Through the adoption of Hucu, Provectus improved its efficiency as well as staff satisfaction, both for its own staff and that of its partner facilities in the post-acute space. They have revolutionized care coordination by fostering streamlined communication, and improved resident /family relations and satisfaction. Hucu’s intelligent communication platform capabilities, designed specifically for the unique requirements of post-acute care, are a vital resource in increasing the standard of care.

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Key metrics

Within couple of months of implementing Hucu, Provectus saw dramatic improvements in

Saved upto 2 hours / shift / staff

8/9 Report Increased Collaboration

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction Scores

87.5% Report Time Saved

Improved Patient Outcomes

60% of Facility Staff have Adopted Hucu