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Provectus is a physician/nurse practitioner group serving central Ohio. They support dozens of skilled nursing communities with a highly skilled medical team. Provectus was founded to provide the best-possible care for their patients. Their goal is to provide patients with first-class quality care in their home environments, such as nursing homes and assisted living. 



  • Reducing burnout for retention of employees/providers 
  • Enabling effective communication across various parties
  • The need for patient-centric communication


  • enables quick secure communication with facilities
  • Patient-centric communication channels organize and streamline information exchange
  • Improved job satisfaction, where providers are happy with the system that supports them for immediate as well as asynchronous communication

 ‘ has saved myself personally time and my co-workers’ time’. 

Dr. Dirk

‘We saw immediate value with, it really has improved the workflow’.

 Kim (NP)



Employee and provider retention is an ongoing challenge, particularly during the covid pandemic

Being on call 24/7 is indeed a challenging task for all those involved in healthcare. Communicating in a way that supports their job satisfaction is critical. An extraordinarily efficient communication tool is essential to reduce the gap in staff shortages and also to make jobs more manageable for providers during such challenging times.

Communicating with large numbers of healthcare providers across multiple geographies quickly

Difficult access to flow of information specific to individual patients, resulting in wasted time

Other communication systems did not address this need because communications are lumped together without any organizational scheme. Most other approaches are one-to-one siloed communications There was the need for having patient-centric communication in order to address specific needs in a timely fashion.


Increasing job satisfaction among providers improves retention of employees at Provectus by enabling them to do their jobs more efficiently (coordinating care, etc.).  With access to messages in real-time, responses can be prioritized by patient need. allows them to respond immediately to urgent issues while making it easy to follow up on less urgent issues, making it more manageable to be on call 24/7.

Effortless communication across organizations has made seamless communication possible, by providing an effective, secure tool for real-time messaging among the staff and providers. has paved the way for meaningful care coordination with nurses across facilities. At the same time, it has bridged the gap in communication by allowing other essential team members such as Directors of Nursing or consulting therapists and physicians to be a part of that conversation.

Specific patient-centered communication saves time

Unlike other communications, exceeds expectations because it is patient-specific. With patient-specific channels, information for a specific patient is easily accessible and organized. This has had a revolutionary impact of being able to go back and review existing information on a patient before rounds. Plus, communications are on record for transparency and accountability.

Staff development and positive engagement

Responsive and engaging

The team is extremely responsive to the Provectus team. By supporting the launch, listening and responding to additional needs, maximized potential in the system, thereby contributing to the overall mission of Provectus: effective patient care.


save time with hours


Makes effective communication possible and allows other members (DON) to join in the communication going on in a patient specific channel. Net result is being able to control who is part of that communication, builds on the quality and efficacy of the communication and maximizes patient care.



Records of a conversation are impactful, particularly in case of disagreement among staff members. helped highlight people who are passionate about their patients and facilities: staff who stay connected regarding patients. Caseloads have dramatically grown painlessly.

Retain staff and grow

ABILITY TO GROW has been influential in Provectus’ growth, in terms of providing the highest quality services to patients and facilities. With, Provectus has been able to continuously add patients and facilities (10X+) while providing great quality care.