LifeCare Therapy Services


LifeCare Therapy Services is an individualized therapy provider licensed in Florida as a Rehabilitation Agency. It has been serving the senior population for over 16 years. Specializing in the continuum of care from recent injury and hospitalizations to specialty programs for chronic disease and impairments, its mission is to maintain independent and safe mobility for seniors in the comfort of their homes. Lifecare Therapy’s team of more than 200 seasoned therapists support patients in their homes across southeastern Florida.



  • Delayed Communication 
  • Non HIPAA Compliance
  • Inefficient one-to-one communication


  • is HIPAA Compliant
  • Team can communicate ‘on-demand’
  • Staff is on-boarded and connected with the team quickly
  • Mobile and the web-based version are both available
  • Ability to easily create and organize channels for specific teams
LifeCare Therapy Services

“Hucu has supported our vision by bringing us together. That’s really made us grow and we will continue to grow through that vision.” 

Elisha Becker, Director of Admissions


Delayed communication

LifeCare Therapy has the vision to grow quickly which means when their marketing team is out in the field visiting a doctor’s office or a referral source, they want to connect with the admission department if they have questions. There was no ‘quick’ way to do that.

Non HIPAA compliance

Inefficient one-to-one communication

Therapists at LifeCare Therapy would talk to their assistants and then talk to the admissions team. There was a lot of sequential, fragmented communication which consumed time and affected collaboration.


Seamless and instant communication supports LifeCare Therapy’s vision to grow quickly. The marketing team can instantly speak with the admissions team when they have questions. They can be open in their communication about a patient because is HIPAA-compliant. Patient information can be shared quickly, accurately, and in organized channels, thus avoiding confusion.

A mobile and web-based solution

LifeCare Therapy has saved a lot of time via by eliminating the need to have the admissions team on two separate platforms. The admissions team can type out messages and upload reports easily on their computers via’s web version. When the team is away from the screen, they can still send and receive messages through their cell phones. Notifications keep everyone in the loop.

Staff development and teamwork drastically improved LifeCare Therapy’s internal collaboration. The teams create “channels” to talk about their patients. The admin channels and marketing channels allow the teams to easily add information to one platform. New team members are on-boarded quickly and instantly team members are included in important and engaging conversations. The ability to upload a display picture, status, and use emojis has drawn everybody in.

Quick communication, reporting and next steps

Therapists get on-boarded and connected to the whole team right away via They introduce themselves and feel more connected. The team uses to send reports to each other by simply attaching the document without the need to fax or email it. Teams can collaborate faster via and share important updates, e.g. if a patient canceled an appointment or is not feeling well due to COVID-19 – this helps them to take necessary steps right away.

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save time

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY enables instant communication between their marketing team and the admissions department, when they are out in the field. This cuts down on time, as allows them to have their questions pertaining to patients quickly answered.

Reduce friction


Their team of therapists are constantly connected with each other through Greater collaboration between their admission team and therapy team. has amplified teamwork at LifeCare, as channels have bound different teams together.


ABILITY TO GROW has backed their team efforts, by enabling them all to be on the same page. This supports teams and reduces attrition. Cross-collaboration among different teams through has been a huge plus, that saves everyone time and they simply love it.