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About Kontos Psychotherapy

Kontos Psychotherapy LCSW PC offers an array of services and workshops focusing on self-awareness, stress management, anger management, assertiveness, effective communication and self-care to individuals, couples, families and groups. They are located in West Babylon, NY and serve clients in and around Long Island, New York. 

At a glance


  • Absence of a telehealth solution amidst COVID-19
  • An array of information sharing methods and tools
  • No person-centered communication tool


  • Maintaining an in-person level of connection via
  • Centralized communication on one platform
  • supports a person-centered care approach
  • Better customer service and client satisfaction
Kontos Psychotherapy

“Unlike other texting platforms, has the ability to add clinical and administrative staff as well as family members in one platform and be united for the best interest of the patient. With a push of a button a video conference can be held. These features have proven to be invaluable.

Kalli Kontos, Director, Kontos Psychotherapy LCSW PC


Absence of a telehealth solution amidst covid-19

With many behavioral health professionals offering telehealth services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kontos Psychotherapy was finding a hard time maintaining a connection with clients while staying HIPAA-compliant.

An array of information sharing methods

Clients and Kontos Psychotherapy therapists exchanged information from several resources, including clinical resources, office forms, community-based resources, pictures, documents, appointment information, etc. Unfortunately, exchanging these on several platforms to stay HIPAA-compliant became time-consuming and challenging.

No person-centered communication tool


Maintaining an in-person type of connection helped Kontos Psychotherapy stay connected with clients remotely in the safety of their homes while still booking and continuing sessions via amidst the pandemic. Through’s video calling feature, Kontos Psychotherapy gave its clients an in-person service experience and continuity of care.

Centralized communication in one hipaa-compliant texting platform

Kontos Psychotherapy shifted from sharing information through emails, faxes, texting, telephone to just one platform: Therapists and clients simply attach videos, pictures, documents, weblinks, forms, and other multimedia in and share within minutes. supports a person-centered care approach

Kontos Psychotherapy created ‘channels’ for specific patients in and included the patient’s family members, clinical and administrative staff members as well as external providers to discuss the patient’s care plan. This alone helped increase their customer satisfaction like never before.


save time

No Lost Therapy Sessions supported the continuity of care and virtual connection with the clients, encouraging consistent ongoing therapy.

Reduce friction

Organized Communication

Quick switch to one app from faxes, texting, telephones and emails.


Protected Staff/Patient

Kontos Psychotherapy continued with business without risking staff or patient’s health during COVID 19.