Zmedi Healthcare was found by Dr. Asad Zaman in 1999, with the vision to make affordable and quality healthcare accessible across the entire community. With a team of dedicated physicians and healthcare professionals, Zmedi continues to provide excellent healthcare services in the greater Chicago area. In order to offer the highest quality of medical care, they believe in having a provider-patient relationship that is firmly rooted in strong communication, trust and compassion above all else. 



  • Telehealth visits between provider, patient and families
  • Communication across facilities
  • Patient Security 


  • offers telehealth services and much more
  • organizes patient communication in channels 
  • HIPAA compliance 
  • saves a lot of time
  • A great team to back it all

“Hucu is HIPAA compliant, so the staff can upload everything, from the patient’s chart essentially, so any documents that came from the hospital, imaging labs, medications, it is all there in the app and so I have a constant point of reference and that has made it very easy for myself being the primary provider.”


– Dr.Troy Alexander El, Post-Acute Medical Director


“With Hucu, I can see the patient if needed, everyday, I can see the change in the patient with whatever treatment I am giving. I can directly address the patient’s concerns through Hucu. It is technical support and is pretty easy to use.”


– Dr.Srinivas Jolepalem


Telehealth services during covid-19

Immpact Medical Group and their team work across several networks and so they required telehealth services especially in their post-acute care network. Telehealth services are critical to the functioning of services they provide to their patients. Restrictions with COVID-19 further pushed their team to seek a platform with combined telehealth and other communication services. 

Communication across multiple nursing facilities

Immpact is leading the care in nursing facilities in the Chicagoland area. For this, they needed a communication system that allows providers to communicate important information to the staff across multiple facilities. This also meant having coordination through better communication, across multiple facilities for many patients. 

Patient confidentiality: security for health information

Providers at Immpact sought more secure means of communication, where they could share patient information with each other without having to worry about security breaches. They wanted to be able to securely share information, pictures, documents, lab reports or anything else pertaining to the patient’s changing condition. 


Telehealth: a combined solution offers Immpact a combined solution for telehealth services. enables direct, visual communication between providers and patients or between providers themselves. enables telehealth visits between providers and the patient’s family. Now, providers can easily stay connected with their patients. Through Covid, helped their team coordinate better patient care through virtual telehealth visits. 

Streamlined flow of communication makes it easier for providers at Immpact to communicate with each other and the nurses at facilities. Now, providers across multiple facilities can collaborate through specific patient channels in and stay updated over any recent patient updates. allows their team to share patient-specific information in channels and alert everyone involved in the patient’s care in case of an emergency.  

A secure healthcare messaging app offers secure means of communication. Immpact’s team members can now put patient information, date of birth and other important information, attach files all on a HIPAA compliant app.

Huge time savings saves Immpact’s staff members a lot of time through timely patient updates. Now, every provider knows where a patient is at in terms of their overall care plan or treatment. Dr.Troy at Immpact, mentions how she can easily communicate with nurses at the facility via’s mobile app, even if its at 2 am in the morning as she is on call 24 hours during the work week.

A great team

The staff at Immpact feels supported with With constant help available, made it a very successful transition for their team, getting logged in and getting started on the app in minutes. 


save time with hours

SAVED TIME saves the team many hours of his time. Now, the information for every patient is one place and quite easily accessible on one’s phone via’s mobile app.


STAFF MOTIVATION allows staff members to engage in various activities, such as granting each other Honors. This helps in motivating staff members, especially through difficult Covid times.

Retain staff and grow


Telehealth visits have helped Immpact provide better care. For example, Dr. Srinivas has diagnosed infections through . This avoids unnecessary hospitalizations, with the patient being given timely care. Better care supports better relationships and growth.