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Coordinated Care Alliance consists of 35 community-based organizations across the state of Illinois. They help at-risk populations through care transition support and better coordination. Through multiple partnerships, they help individuals with complex medical/social needs such as the elderly or people with disabilities. They seek to make patients happier and healthier as they age, through greater collaboration among healthcare and social services teams. Their vision is to provide care that focuses first and foremost on what the patient needs and wants.



  • Collaboration in one platform
  • Patient-centric communication
  • Tracking patient status information 


  • enables real-time communication in one platform
  • Patient-centered channels in save time
  • Secure patient information exchange
  •’s staff is there to solve any problem

“All of our care coordinators took this role because they want to help patients and they want to serve their communities. allows them to do that in a more efficient way by focusing their time on work that really matters.”


Bailey Huffman – Executive Director (Coordinated Care Alliance) 


Outdated communication methods 

Coordinated Care Alliance is a network of community based organizations. To achieve their goals, they needed more efficient means to communicate among different teams. Having to message each other individually or wait for a call back proved difficult and time-consuming. They wanted a single platform where everyone could keep in touch and stay informed about more recent changes. 

Patient-specific communication among providers

Coordinated Care Alliance puts patient needs above all else. For this purpose, they wanted that their robust network of providers to be able to communicate quickly and easily about urgent patient matters.They wanted a communication solution that would allow providers to stay updated as patient needs evolve, sometimes quickly. 

Lack of transparency and accountability around patient care

Coordinated Care Alliance wanted greater visibility in terms of where their patients are throughout the care continuum. This meant providers being able to securely share any patient information they needed to, without any breaches of confidentiality. 


Easier communication workflows: quality outcomes allows providers at Coordinated Care Alliance to communicate effectively with each other in one platform. Notifications via’s mobile app help keep everyone in the loop for important updates. simplifies the communication process for their care coordinators because now they don’t have to sit on the phone for hours trying to connect with providers. This helps providers at CCA better serve their patients and the communities. 

Patient-centered communication channels makes it very easy for providers at CCA to track a patient’s progression. Now, they have greater visibility to a patient’s changing condition. allows necessary care providers, clinicians or family members to communicate in the context of specific patient channels, and keep everyone up to date with the patient’s condition and what they might need in the future. 

Significant time saving saves CCA’s provider organizations a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent chasing down people or documents. Now, they can simply leave a message or share relevant information in for timely responses. This benefits the provider because now they can focus more on the health of their patients and less on administrative logistics.. 

A super supportive team has been extremely responsive to CCA’s needs. The team at Coordinated Care Alliance is in full praise of the staff, who are ready to brainstorm any idea or challenge in the healthcare landscape. is dedicated to helping caregivers at CCA reach a solution to any problem they may have. 

HIPAA compliance is a secure platform where providers at CCA can safely share patient information within their organization and across partner organizations. They now have greater visibility to patient updates and can update each other with realtime text as well as shared files and photos that provide accurate updates of their changing conditions. 


save time with hours


Instant communication in between care providers, clinicians from outside organizations or family members saves a lot of time for those at CCA. Now, they only have to leave one message in to update all the concerned parties.


HAPPIER TEAMS really makes it easier for providers to navigate their way around a patient’s journey. Team members being on the same page makes the CCA team happier, and that makes burnout less likely among them.

Retain staff and grow


Time saved though allows providers at CCA to better track their patient’s health in the communities they serve. This allows their organization to grow as patient needs are their number one priority.