With in-home based assessments, CCSI – Case Coordination, LLC offers individualized care services, linking seniors to home or community-based services and resources. CCSI runs a care coordination unit across six counties in the state of Illinois. CCSI Case Managers assist older adults and their caregivers with the necessary community-based resources for optimal health outcomes. These services include gathering relevant health information that best addresses individual care needs while connecting clients to helpful resources. 



  • Emails, phone calls and text caused confusion
  • Instant communication across multiple locations 
  • Secure and timely exchange of important information  


  • enables quicker responses among teams
  • Greater accessibility across locations
  • Secure exchange of information
  • Greater engagement among staff
  • is a user-friendly app 

We use it daily: my team talks among each other. If they’re out in the field, and a senior calls in, we can send a message in Hucu. For example, real-time information like “stuck in traffic” can immediately be shared with the client senior. It’s a good management tool.” 


 – Marsha (Director of CCU Services)


Hucu improved our day to day operations. I saw a huge improvement in our client compliance rates, with us helping more seniors.” 


– Kelli (Assistant Director) 


Communication via phone calls, emails and text messages

At CCSI, Marsha (Director of CCU services) and her management team communicate a lot about new initiatives, staff flows or other day to day issues. All this communication went down either through emails, phone calls or text which took up a lot of their time. CCSI wanted a communication tool that would keep their teams connected with each other at any given time, while keeping their entire staff on the same page. 

Quick feedback/responses across multiple locations 

Case managers at CCSI are constantly out in the field like for instance areas such as Chicago. They are likely to face a number of problems such as being uncomfortable in a participant’s house. This meant case managers at CCSI needed quick feedback from the management to address any issues they might be facing when out in the field. 

Secure exchange of information and timely updates

For the team at CCSI, sometimes urgent needs for communicating information to the case managers in the hospital can save patient lives. So, the staff at CCSI wanted to quickly connect with their team of case managers in case of an emergency, securely exchange any information with them that they could refer back to later. 


Organized communication 

For Marsha at CCSI, has organized communication workflows between her and the management teams. Instead of having to wait for a call from the director, their management team simply leaves any question they have and the director’s responses are visible to different teams in’s app. With specific patient or team channels in, everyone at CCSI is updated with each staff response and update in a timely and organized manner. 

Greater accessibility 

For CCSI, drives greater efficiency as it allows their team of case managers to stay connected and reach out to the management when out in the community. Regardless of their location, the case manager can drop a message in, in case they might be in an uncomfortable situation.The can get a quick response from the management team in a matter of seconds. 

Secure messaging is a HIPAA compliant messaging platform and that has benefited CCSI a lot in the long run. In case of emergencies, their team can send over relevant information over to the case manager through a quick and secure message in They can safely refer back to that information at any given point in the day. 

Team engagement 

With, the staff at CCSI are constantly communicating among each other in different channels and collaborating over different issues. Everyone at CCSI is happy with, as now everyone has quick access to one another. 


The staff at CCSI found quite easy to use and they enjoying using the app on a day to day basis now. Their teams were quite quick to adapt and make a part of their daily workflows. With, their staff is constantly communicating and have grown more responsive. 


save time with hours

SAVED TIME saves CCSI a lot of their time, as opposed to that time being spent answering over 1800 phone calls on a daily basis. They can quickly connect with their peers and the management team in and get quick feedback.



With , the staff at CCSI has become more engaged. Now, they have lively discussions, where they share new ideas with each other. drives collaboration among staff, as day to day messaging keeps them more engaged.

Retain staff and grow

ABILITY TO GROW supports CCSI in their vision to help seniors. With more efficient means of communication, the staff at CCSI feels more supported in their daily efforts as now teams have greater access to one another.