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The Admiral at the Lake is a continuing care retirement community located on Chicago’s Lake shore, in the beautiful neighborhood of Edgewater. Their community is home to beautiful residences, an active culture and independent lifestyles. They prioritize resident needs above all else as they strive to create the ultimate retirement experience. With on-site access to assisted living facilities, memory care and long-term care services, residents at the Admiral at the Lake feel continuously supported throughout their care journey. 



  • Communication with providers and resident families
  • Emails, phone calls or leaving notes proved inefficient 
  • HIPAA compliant communication technology 


  • simplifies the communication process
  • User-friendly 
  • Quick feedback from providers in 
  • Secure messaging 
  • Happier staff

I think our communication process with really sets us apart from some of the competitors. We have that seamless communication again with the families, with the providers, so that everybody is on the same page at the same time.” 

 – Mark Dubovick (Health Services Administrator) 


Communication within and across organizations 

For Mark Dubovick, Health Services Administrator, and the rest of the team at the Admiral at the Lake, there was a lot of communication that was needed with the providers, the families and outside members of the community. Reaching people quickly was not always easy and navigating through so much communication proved to be incredibly difficult at times. 

Different communication methods caused confusion 

The team at Admiral at the Lake used a string of different methods to communicate such as emails, phone calls, text messages, pen and paper or leaving notes. None of these is efficient and effective and the combination can be confusing. What they wanted was a communication solution that would allow their teams to be on the same page while communicating with each other or the families. 

HIPAA compliant communication needs

The Admiral staff sought HIPAA compliant communication technology, that would allow their teams to securely chat with multiple caregivers in the context of their resident needs. They wanted to securely communicate with the providers and the resident’s families at the same time. 


Seamless form of communication simplifies communication workflows for the team at Admiral at the Lake.’s mobile/web-based app makes it easier for their team to stay updated on any problem and to respond in real-time to providers, nurses and the resident’s family. With, their entire team can easily connect with providers and the residents’ families in one place at the same time.They can share critical information e.g X-ray results with providers and get a timely response from them, which is crucial for resident’s overall wellness. 

Lesser administrative burden

By simplifying the communication process, has made the staff at Admiral happier and satisfied with the work they are doing. Now, they don’t have to wait for a return phone call:’s mobile app allows their staff to easily connect with the providers at any point in the day. Better communication has also saved them time which makes them more satisfied in their daily care efforts. 

Instant and secure texting is a HIPAA compliant messaging platform and reducing compliance risk matters a great deal for the team at Admiral at the Lake. They know that they are communicating securely with the providers and the families in Now, they can easily reach out to providers and connect with them even after-hours or over the weekend and get timely responses from them. 

Super easy to use

The team at Admiral at the Lake found very easy to use. Their team was comfortable using’s app in a very short amount of time.’s team continues to support the staff at the Admiral, in order to help them explore and utilize the app to its full potential. 

Teams more engaged 

With, the Admiral staff is more engaged in terms of their active communication with the providers and the resident’s family members. In, they can discuss relevant information with each other, keep the entire team engaged and updated over resident needs, all while delivering great quality care. 


save time with hours

SAVED TIME has tremendously cut down on time spent by the Admiral team trying to connect with different providers. With, they can easily communicate with the necessary providers in one place and get instant feedback.



With , the staff at the Admiral at the Lake is very happy with the ease in communication workflows. Their team is more engaged and involved with each other internally, outside members and the families as well.

Retain staff and grow

ABILITY TO GROW supports the Admiral at the Lake in their vision to have better means of communication in senior living communities. Greater accountability and transparency through’s app is leading to better care and happier staff.