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  • From peer-coaching to virtual events, to a global media network, and investor and customer access, StartUp Health is designed to support you on your health moonshot journey.
  • StartUp Health connects their portfolio of Health Transformers into one organized community to leverage network effects, share collective intelligence and increase the probability of success.
  • When it comes to achieving health moonshots, none of them are reachable without efficient, transparent communication. We cannot lower costs, improve access, fight addiction, or any of the other nine health moonshots if we’re playing a game of telephone in the halls of medicine. 
  • A network like can bring sanity and order to a system that has been chaotic and scattershot for far too long. It also puts the patient at the center of the care conversation, right where they belong. 
  • If we’re to really move towards outcome-based business models — as the industry seems to be doing — we have to adopt the tools that strip away the noise and focus us on the signal: patients with the greatest needs who can benefit the most from timely intervention.