7 Advantages of Having Telehealth Video Conferencing


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Video conferencing and telemedicine solutions offer significant educational, management, and patient care advantages for a major urban hospital or a smaller rural health facility. We’ll look at the most significant benefits of telemedicine and video conferencing that healthcare institutions or service providers can reap.

The present phase in advanced communication technology is already close to being achieved—video conferencing. In addition to business conversations, video conferencing has become a basic tool in various industries. Medical telemedicine, which utilizes video conferencing technology, has been used for medical training, education, credentialing, and patient care delivery.

Utilizing Video Conferencing Saves Time and Money

Patients were required to travel to their healthcare provider’s location to avail of medical services. This involved traveling from the location of the patient’s origin to the healthcare provider’s facility for medical professionals, leaving their office or work to visit the patient.

These requirements resulted in a lot of wasted time and negative travel costs. Patients may not work or take care of childcare costs and the cost of traveling to a physical office, parking, train, or bus tickets. The COVID-19 crisis, along with other dangers associated with public exposure or visiting the sick home of patients, has further complicated the situation.

It’s unpleasant and uncommon to get medical care when you’re not ill, so patients with painful medical conditions are less likely to go. Doctors often express their disappointment over the no-shows in their offices. Why is that? Is it unsurprising that sick people would rather receive efficient care than routine care?

Patients are frustrated when they travel to see a doctor having to wait for an hour in the waiting area before seeing doctors for a five-minute examination that indicates they’re healing well. There needs to be a more efficient method to achieve this, especially because all of these situations make it more expensive for medical care.

A telemedicine video conference eliminates the need for patients to take time off to meet with their clinicians since they can do so from anywhere. The same applies to doctors and other medical professionals; you may care for patients from anywhere with a telemedicine video conference. The Telehealth video conferencing solutions that you may use for routine consultations and postoperative follow-ups are especially beneficial. Everyone is saved money and time, and the clinician saves on office overhead by delivering care this way.

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Video conferencing is an excellent opportunity for saving time and money. The importance of time and money savings are important with video conferencing. A doctor does not need to travel back and forth to a patient’s location to see them in the emergency room, inpatient unit, or even their usual healthcare practice because of telemedicine video conferencing. Patients can receive care in their homes, eliminating travel costs and ultimately saving healthcare costs for both patients and providers.

Telemedicine and Video Conferencing are more Effective and Reliable than Conventional Communication Techniques.

Communication is critical in healthcare and is also necessary for successful patient care. Communication must be very effective with your patients. It is important to point out that phone calls have traditionally been the standard of remote healthcare communication. It should be noted that medical offices have lost money on patient interactions that happened via phone, which has been a loss leader.

The use of telemedicine and video conferencing has grown in popularity over time and has become an increasingly secure and efficient means of communication with patients. In order to facilitate patient communication, some hospitals have invested in expensive patient portal software.

With today’s video conferencing services for telemedicine like Hucu.ai, Clinical and administrative professionals can communicate with patients safely, more efficiently, and reliably. Contrary to the expensive services that hospitals have installed in the past, the current telemedicine options are cost-effective, fully HIPAA compliant, and reimbursed by private insurers and those of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Using the Hucu.ai Telehealth solution, physicians can view the visual cues that are present when patients speak in real-time video conferencing with patients. You can also meet in real life with your patients wherever they are. Patients can hold their digital devices to show you how their wounds are healing or walk across their living rooms to view your gait. You can communicate with them in the same way as if they had traveled to your clinic. As a result, your communications with patients are more effective and reliable. You can stay in your current location to offer and receive care, which is critical.

Video Conferencing Breaks Down Geographical Barriers with Patients

It is easy to utilize and accessible on a wide range of devices from anywhere, thanks to the modern, browser-based video conferencing solutions available today. WebRTC is an international standard that allows secure browser-based telemedicine video conferencing access to video conferencing from any digital device.

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Telemedicine video conferencing technology truly reduces geographical barriers that have inhibited patient access to high-quality medical services for a long time. With telemedicine, you may conduct real-time video conferences with your patients, no matter where they are. Although you may provide consultations and diagnoses whether patients are near you or on a different continent, you may do so via telemedicine video conferencing regardless of where they are.

Video conferencing solutions provide high-quality medical services to patients in rural areas because there are so few medical facilities. Patients can receive high-quality medical services using video conferencing solutions when needed. By providing proper triage and diagnosis, video conferencing may save lives when patients face certain medical emergencies.

Helping More Patients Means Higher Productivity and Efficiency

You may treat patients from wherever you have your practice, regardless of their location, and you may diagnose patients in real time. By making consultations available worldwide, telemedicine and video conferencing enable you to aid more patients and save time and money. Reducing no-shows and cancellations substantially impacts the profitability and efficiency of your practice, saving you time and money. In addition, video conferencing results in greater time efficiency for patients and providers. What would happen if you prevented no-shows and increased the number of patients you saw each week? Better patient care and provider satisfaction are the results of today’s healthcare systems of care. Telemedicine video conferencing can increase your productivity and efficiency, thus handling more patients than you would normally.

With Telemedicine and Video Conferencing, you can Maintain a Competitive Advantage.

Video conferencing is a competitive advantage for any healthcare service provider that can meet with their patients flexibly and reliably. As telemedicine video conferencing has skyrocketed in the medical field, it should be considered the gold standard for any practice seeking a competitive advantage over its peers.

You may treat your patients where ever they are, regardless of where they live, using telemedicine video conferencing solutions. Thanks to technology, you may devote more time to each patient without losing time in your overall schedule. It enables you to carefully listen to and care for your patients in a virtual house call – something all your patients will appreciate.

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Telemedicine Helps Improve Service Quality

When you can interact with your patients in person more frequently and more effectively via video conferencing, it’s crucial. An important advantage is the ability to help them in person whenever they require assistance with a medical problem. You may monitor your patients as they lie at home if they’re sick. Video conferencing enables you to give better care to your patients, which they will appreciate.

Increased Patient Retention is Linked to Remote Telehealth

Patients require personal and individual care when receiving healthcare services. Patients’ health concerns and recovery stresses create the need for regular information. Patients must visit healthcare facilities for regular examinations and updates.

Telemedicine video conferencing solutions may reduce the need for patients to travel long distances for checkups, but it is time-consuming, expensive, and at times quite stressful. While telemedicine won’t be able to benefit every visit, it will greatly boost the patient experience. According to patient satisfaction, patient retention improves as a result, which in turn boosts patient satisfaction.

Even if you are far from your patients, you can consult with them using Telehealth video conferencing. It allows you to meet with your patients, even if they live far away. In addition, patient retention is increased as your patients will know that you are available for assistance if they need it.

Video conferencing has many advantages in the healthcare world. Consider using a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine video conferencing tool if you work in healthcare. Contact Hucu.ai for a free consultation.

Hucu.ai addresses the biggest issues associated with modern video conferencing. It provides a single, streamlined interface for both video conferences and webinars. The solution is browser-based, partnering with Zoom interface, making it simple to join meetings; it only takes one click. Hucu.ai is fully integrated with EHR. Users can access the Hucu.ai mobile app on any Apple iOS and Android device. Additionally, users can access the Hucu.ai web app on any computer or tablet using a Google Chrome Browser. Access the Hucu.ai Web App on Chrome Here

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