• Rosie is a team of innovative entrepreneurs focused solely on supporting caregivers in the Long Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) industry.

  • With 40 years of experience supporting the LTPAC (Long Term Post-Acute Care) industry, Rosie works to empower caregivers with state-of-the-art devices, EHR connectivity platforms and supplies that enhance the nursing experience, while helping organizations increase efficiencies and meet financial objectives through innovative, secure and cost-effective technologies supported by unmatched training and service.

  • In doing so, Rosie reduces hospital readmissions and increases staff efficiency by providing medical equipment and supplies needed–at the point-of-care–to improve documentation accuracy. The RosieConnectivity Platform integrates leading EHRs and addresses challenges head-on.

  • partners with Rosie to provide seamless communication among LTPAC clinicians and patients. With future integration plans in place, Rosie customers can now leverage’s patient-centered communication platform to further improve daily workflows and maximize efficiency. 

  • Top benefits: 

    • Patient-centered channels provide secure communication among referral partners 

    • Separate Patient/Family mode allows Rosie’s LTPAC clinical teams to communicate synchronously and asynchronously to proactively assist patients in managing their health.

    • Streamlined, organized communication for effective care coordination and better patient outcomes.