Genettia Dean is the administrator of Twin Lakes Rehab and Healthcare of Paris, IL and shares how has transformed her facility for the better.

Reduced Staff Anxiety, Happier Residents and Families

Resident at Twin Lakes Rehab and Healthcare of Paris


  • The team used the telephone, fax machine, and a clipboard with their concerns. Information was hard to track.
  • Due to unorganized information, the team members did not know if the residents’ needs were addressed timely or not.
  • The team had no collaboration on the whole. Updating each other was a hassle.
  • The process of following all residents and staying updated with their status was difficult and time-consuming.
  • The progress and report of residents were shared once a day and critical decision-making was often delayed because of slow updates. The staff had to wait for information from the admin.
  • In critical situations, the staff waited for information from seniors who were not present in the facility and this often led to ER visits and rehospitalizations.
  • While taking care of the residents, the staff was on their own and had less support.
  • Residents’ family members were updated on phone calls, which was time-consuming and required lots of effort.


  • With, communication takes place only on one platform and information is easy to track now.
  • The needs of residents are met quickly and they seldom have to readdress something that has been discussed on because it is done in real-time.
  • Now, they have a lot of collaboration and it is smooth.
  • With, following all residents at the facility and staying updated on what the staff is doing 24/7 is just one tap away.
  • The admin can follow the progress and reporting in real time which allows her to look at the symptoms of residents and share useful information which the staff may not know.
  • Information and guidance is present 24/7 in real time, so the staff can identify and catch symptoms early on via video call on Rehospitalizations and ER visits have gone down completely.
  • Staff is more confident with constantly available support from This has boosted their morale.
  • Residents’ family members can be updated in real-time in ‘channels’ in the app. They are much happier now.
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Genettia shared how just over the weekend, two residents were having an exacerbation of COPD and she was able to help and have interventions in place on time because of She thought that one of the residents may still have to go to a hospital but with the doctor’s and team’s collaboration on the app, they were able to avoid that.
At another time, they had a Covid-19 outbreak and one of the residents had a respiratory problem. Genettia teamed up with another nurse at 6 a.m. and a doctor on call because the MPs were not present at that hour. She had the patient x-rayed which they sent to an MP virtually. The patient was given antibiotics and is doing much better since then. This collaboration was made possible because of
On one Sunday, the facility had a resident with aspiration pneumonia and one with exacerbation of COPD – but they were able to keep the cases in and have interventions in place on time because of the instant collaboration via
“We have real success stories with our residents and we are proud to be working with your group and meet our residents’ needs. Our staff’s anxiety has decreased because they now have an instant support system to which they can reach out and get an immediate response. We are very comfortable and thankful for your services. Your team is always there when need to understand something, you are always so gracious to any questions that I may have. I appreciate that. And the app is very user-friendly and we love the ‘flag’ feature.”