7 Ideas to Recruit Healthcare Staff

Recruit Healthcare Staff

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Although it may not be something you think about often, how recruits are just as important as who recruits. You don’t have to stick to tried-and-true methods when looking for employees who will fit your company well. Once, being a nurse or a physician meant that you had a job for the rest of your life. These days, however, are over.

Research has shown that 1 out of 5 nurses quit their first job within a year. The National Healthcare Retention Report also found that the average hospital turnover rate in a year is 18.2%.

Healthcare recruiters have to be creative when faced with a candidate-driven market. Whether you are a hospital, care home, or startup in the health tech sector, your old recruitment strategy won’t work. What is the best way to find the talent you need? While traditional methods like job boards and posting to them are still good options, they are not the only way.

These are ways to improve your recruitment and ensure you get the best talent for your healthcare facility.

Be a Millennial Recruiter

Traditional recruitment, with its thick hiring manuals and outdated systems, is a total turn-off for potential candidates–especially if they want a role working with cutting-edge health technology.

Let’s not forget that more workers are millennials. This makes them the largest generation of the US labor force. While they aren’t the only generation to embrace technology at work, they expect the hiring process to reflect the same technological sophistication as their everyday lives. They won’t be applying if it doesn’t.

All ages are welcome to apply for open positions. If you genuinely want to go after the gold, let candidates set up an interview via SMS.

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Refresh your employer’s brand

LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends Report shows that over 80% of leaders recognize the importance of employer branding in their ability to hire talent.

Candidates will be able to tell why you are better than the competition if your brand is strong and supported by a compelling mission. Your healthcare employer brand is your first foundational building block for your talent acquisition strategy. It should be solid.

AMN Healthcare is a staffing company whose employer brand message highlights its inclusive, open-minded work environment. Social media is their primary communication medium. They share behind-the-scenes to show how their culture plays in real life.

Boldly Promote your Benefits

The current turnover rate shows that healthcare employers don’t know what their employees want. Are they looking for career advancement? Flexible working options how can you get debt relief?

It may include all of the above. However, this does not mean you have to spend a lot of money to provide everything, from meditation pods to Michelin-starred meals. Focus on the most important benefits your candidates will enjoy, and don’t forget to mention your perks in your job posting.

Instead, make sure you play them up. Build your benefits around your mission statement to let potential candidates know how and why you have better employment packages than others.

Your Employee Referral Program can be Brought into the 21st Century

Referrals can be an excellent tool for recruiting. Are you making the most of them?

Over a third of US employees were referred to their current jobs. Employees who have the opportunity to work as in-house recruiters are more likely to stay and be engaged. The problem is that if you use your current rock stars to attract future rock stars, you risk watering down the entire workforce.

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Make sure to update your employee referral program focusing on diversity and inclusion (D&I). Also, make sure to have the D&I proof necessary to appeal to the 67% of job seekers who will consider it when making their next move.

Multiculturalism is a Way to Spread your Wings

Talent can be found in unexpected places, so don’t exclude anyone.

Veterans, for example, are a valuable group of talent often overlooked. They can bring a unique skill set and work ethic to your job and put you far ahead of the rest.

After leaving the military, Nathan Bracken decided to become a nurse. The flexibility of the work schedule and the proximity to nursing jobs attracted him. He enrolled at Kirtland Community College in Grayling, Michigan, even though he didn’t have any previous training.

Nathan soon realized that his military experience was more than just a preparation for the dynamic healthcare environment. “In the military, there is a saying: adapt and conquer…And Grayling’s nursing instructors have taught us right from the beginning that flexibility is an important part of nursing.”

Do not Wait for a Job Opening 

Do not wait for a job opening to start candidate hunting.

You must think long-term to attract top talent. You can be proactive and build a strong talent pipeline that grows with each applicant. Keep in touch with people with the skills you are looking for.

Don’t be discouraged if this sounds overwhelming. You can create an automated candidate nurturing sequence with the right applicant-tracking software. Plus, you will have a place to keep track of all candidate communications.

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You have to be willing and able to do things that other employers won’t if you want to stand out in a competitive talent market.

Partner up with Recruiting Agency

Recruiting can be a full-time job. You will spend much time gathering the pieces, interviewing, and screening candidates. Sometimes, hiring help in finding and sorting out candidates is necessary. It allows you to concentrate on the essential tasks of managing your business. A professional recruiting service can help you achieve great results. They will ensure that you find the right people to work for you, save time, and comply with all federal and state regulations.

Recruiting Agency will help you with professional recruitment. They can help you recruit and retain the best talent for your company using specialized programs and techniques specific to your company. They will ensure that you attract top-quality, experienced employees who are part of your culture.

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