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The healthcare landscape is changing fast and the demand for technology that bridges the gap in communication and facilitates care coordination is on the rise within the U.S. One such example is IM your doc, a secure messenger app that enables interaction between physicians and patients, thereby helping them in getting tips or medical advice regarding their health. Recent changes however have several users looking for alternatives to IM Your Doc.

Many “IM your doc” clients are switching to Hucu.ai and they advise others to actively consider this as an alternative communication solution. 

Hucu.ai is a highly advanced communication platform, with a comprehensive set of features and functions that place it a notch above IM your doc and other secure communication solutions. 

Top reasons why secure communication app users are switching to Hucu.ai: 

  • Unlimited user licenses allow everyone to communicate rather than having to pay per seat.  
  • Enables seamless communication with team members, patients, their families and external collaborators. 
  • Helps reduce phone tag as the right people can be immediately notified with the push of a button.
  • Makes uploading files and documents easier without any worries about phone storage as it is all stored in a secure cloud server.
  • Has the ability to include custom assessments to support care delivery with data based acuity scores.
  • Data analytics/reporting allow teams to track collaboration efforts at the patient, employee, organization and partner levels.
  • Quick way to start a video meeting (zoom, google meet, etc.) within the app for easy telehealth.
  • Patient-focused messaging and pricing ensures better efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Integrated with one of the leading post-acute EHRs, Chartpath.
  • With support services directly built within the app, care teams can message and get direct support in case of any issues.
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What Sets Hucu.ai Apart from Competitors? 

The U.S healthcare system needs to move past antiquated means of communication and be more open to modern forms of technology. The trend for this is rising quickly among healthcare organizations as they incorporate secure messaging apps within their systems. Secure messaging applications available in the market today are not only HIPAA compliant but also offer instant means to connect and collaborate on patient concerns. Secure communication allows medical professionals to exchange confidential information with one another without worry about breaches in HIPAA rules and regulations. Better communication also enables healthcare providers to operate much more efficiently, in terms of timely addressing patient needs. 

1. ) Hucu.ai is a secure healthcare messaging app that brings medical professionals, patients, their families and external collaborators together in one platform. 

With HIPAA-compliant communication, the app is super user-friendly and very easy to get teams on-board. Care teams all over the world now have access to a medical tool which allows them to instantly connect and securely exchange information with one another. With Hucu.ai’s safe storage cloud, care teams can share important information such as documents, videos, pictures etc. all at the click of a button. This information can be shared between medical professionals across care teams, with patients or their family members. This only helps accelerate the process with which care is delivered. 

2.) Hucu.ai is “patient-centric” and that is why care teams absolutely love it. 

It is now possible to communicate within and across organizations in the context of a specific patient. With patient-specific channels, information for a specific patient is easily accessible and organized. Plus, communications are on record for transparency and accountability. With more organized workflows, Hucu.ai boosts productivity and enables care professionals to be more efficient in their roles with proven success in terms of lowering burnout and increasing employee retention rates. 

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With Hucu.ai’s mobile/web-based app, care professionals can stay updated on patient needs despite being thousands of miles away from one another. This reduces administrative workloads as it makes it easier for them to navigate their way through tough routines and stay in touch with what’s going on with any particular patient. 

3.) Records of communication prove impactful as care professionals can simply go back and review any important information pertaining to a specific patient. 

With access to messages in real-time, responses can be prioritized by patient need, allowing staff to respond immediately to urgent issues, making it more manageable to be on call 24/7. This makes providers more satisfied in their daily workflows and saves them a great deal of their time. This is a huge plus for employee retention rates given burnout among the care community is significant amid the post pandemic environment. Hucu.ai improves retention of employees as care teams connect, collaborate, engage with one another, all the while growing more efficient in their caregiving duties. 

Improved Care Coordination Means Better Patient Outcomes 

The ability to coordinate better care without a doubt results in improved patient outcomes. The staff can make timely, informed decisions via Hucu.ai’s mobile app. They can instantly connect with all of the involved parties (facility, specialists etc.) in that patient’s care. This saves providers time and helps them focus more on patient care, rather than figuring out contact information for everyone involved in a patient’s care journey. 

Several healthcare communication apps out there help streamline an organization’s internal communications. What distinguishes Hucu.ai is the ability to bring in different members such as care teams, patients, their families and external collaborators within a single patient-centered platform

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“At Hucu.ai, we understand that better communication drives quality care, which in turn increases patient/family satisfaction.”

With proven success, our communication platform has lowered anxiety levels among care teams, made them happier and satisfied with their jobs. This has also made patients and their families less anxious given that they are continuously updated and involved in their loved one’s care. 

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