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Chicago, Illinois, June 1, 2023 – Oak Medical, leaders of patient-centered care in the post-acute environment join forces with Hucu.ai’s advanced communication platform, for timely care coordination and better patient care. 

Oak Medical continues to grow as it forges powerful partnerships across the care continuum. Oak Medical is the leading choice for medical care in post-acute communities across Wisconsin and the Midwest. Oak Medical’s professional team serves patients in numerous care settings including long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and senior living facilities. Their highly trained physicians, mental health professionals, advanced practice providers, nurses, and wound specialists provide proactive on-site patient-centered care for outstanding patient outcomes.

Providers at Oak Medical champion patient care and work as a team to ensure medical treatment is given in a timely and coordinated manner.

Patients in the post-acute care world face complex medical conditions. Thus, Oak Medical is continually innovating to ensure that no aspect of a patient’s health goes unaddressed.This means they needed to work as a team and be updated as a team on a patient’s evolving care needs.

Oak Medical clinicians wanted better, timely care coordination between their professional team, staff at the facilities, the patients and their families. These challenges can only be addressed through proper and more secure means of communication: a single touchpoint where everyone can weigh in and update themselves on a patient’s changing condition. Providers at Oak Medical often need to work together with specialists to address specific patient needs. They needed a communication platform that would allow multiple clinicians to interact, invite other care providers to join while discussing important information regarding a patient’s wellbeing. 

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In the words of Keshni Ramnanan, Medical Director (Oak Medical)

Communication can be a real challenge in the post-acute care environment. Inefficient ways to communicate can be time consuming and result in important patient information getting lost. Hucu enables effective communication between and across teams so that we provide excellent patient care.”  

Oak Medical ensures that their patients, the families and the medical staff have a common point of contact for timely addressing patient needs. They make the process of delivering care easier through streamlined means of communication between providers and the staff at facilities. 

With Hucu.ai’s mobile/web-based app, things have become that much easier for everyone in the process of care delivery. Information is shared across the team in real-time and teams are collaborating on patient health in a far more efficient manner. 

Oak Medical has achieved this by choosing Hucu.ai for patient-centered messaging, with more controlled communication workflows between their medical professionals, the patients and families.

Hucu.ai is an innovative, patient-centered messaging platform, powered by algorithms and automation, that drives efficiency, reduces burnout and manages risk. With 3+ years and ongoing feedback from over 500 organizations’ to drive relentless R&D, Hucu.ai commits itself to improving, streamlining and accelerating healthcare communication through secure messaging. 

Hucu.ai makes it easy for medical professionals to work through their tough routines, keep track of patient needs, collaborate with staff and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and complications. Hucu.ai saves medical professionals time and keeps them engaged and satisfied with their daily work flows by lessening administrative burdens. 

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We look forward to working with Oak Medical and continuing to help care professionals in the post-acute world collaborate and address patient needs quicker with our simple, yet effective communication technology.” – Asif Khan, CEO – Hucu.ai 

Click now to download and use the patient-centered communication platform by visiting Hucu.ai. 

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