helps Physician & NP Groups improve Post Acute Care

Optimize clinician time & utilization > Provide timely care to MORE patients across MORE facilities > Increase revenues

How innovative Physician & NP Groups use

See how provider groups are saving over 70% of their time in coordinating care. 

Medical Communication Apps

Get MORE Done.

Real-time prioritized patient lists organized by facility.

Hipaa Compliant communication app,

Sign MORE Partners

Help improve census, manage shifts and share insightful data.

Hipaa messaging hub

Provide MORE Care

Connect with patient care teams to follow up faster

Engage MORE Staff

Recognize & appreciate. Unify culture with better patient-centered focus.


Help everyone get MORE done every day

  • Organize Providers’ Days by automatically generating real-time prioritized patients’ hot lists
  • Prioritized Patients’ Hot Lists are further organized by each facility
  • Streamline Communication Between Providers & Facility Staff by allowing them to communicate in context within each Patient-Channel, with each other in 1-1 Direct Messages & within internal and/or external Groups through Collaboration Channels
  • Timely, Yet Distinctive Notifications when providers and facility staff tag each other, or when the entire Group is tagged, or when no one is tagged.
hipaa messaging apps


Add value to partnerships by passing on Hucu powers to existing & new partners (SNFs, MAs, etc.) for FREE

  • Reduce Compliance & Litigation Issues for Partners by reducing communication errors, improving HIPAA compliance, and increasing trust between teams
  • Improve Occupancy Rates for Partners by collaborating with partner staff for timely patient care and therefore avoiding unnecessary discharges and/or hospitalizations.
  • Remove Open Shift Challenges Facing Partners by allowing them to quickly message shift availability and get immediate responses from staff
  • Demonstrate Value (Insightful Analytics) to Narrow Networks and Value Based Care organizations, including real-time patient specific risks and timely actions undertaken by your teams to mitigate risk
  • Improve Accountability of Partners using detailed reporting to confirm appropriate alerts and communication of patient specific status across partners


Engage & retain distributed team members while building the culture you want

  • Provide Work/Life Balance by isolating work messages in Hucu app, instead of flooding their personal messaging device app
  • Establish Better Focus at Work by reducing noise and distractions since no need to dig through personal messages to get to work messages
  • Reduce Anxiety by empowering team members to set personal status so others know when they are Available, Busy or Away
  • Unify Team Culture by sharing announcements, news, birthdays, best practices, articles, and more
  • Recognize High Performing Team Members with the highest Hucu Honors ™ (peer recognition points gained by helping each other and providing timely care to patients)
Hipaa Texting App


Enable teams to coordinate care faster. Timely Patient Care = Better Outcomes

  • Make Timely Care Decisions by quickly identifying and messaging all other stakeholders (facility, home health, therapy, specialists, etc.) unique to each specific patient
  • Spend More Time Providing Care instead of trying to find who’s who in the care team and their contact information, for each specific patient
  • Organize & Find All Information for Each Specific Patient (documents, DC summaries, med lists, wound photos, and more) shared by different staff from different organizations
  • Simplify Admissions/Discharge Process from/to Hospitals/SNFs/Home Health and keep track of patients’ wellbeing in real-time – all remotely via Hucu app irrespective of patients’ location – reduce hospitalizations
  • Take Timely Actions for Higher Acuity Patients by empowering other collaborators to quickly flag (urgent, acute change in condition, PUI, COVID19 +VE. COVID19 -VE, and more) such patients