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Nonnatech is a real-time Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform.

Patient-centered messaging for Remote Patient Monitoring
Nonnatech with plug-in widget allows authorized users to be able to send/receive real-time patient-centered (HIPAA compliant) messages across different healthcare organizations as well as with patients and/or their authorized family members.

All communication about a patient in one central place!

Discussion channels within and across multiple organizations
Organizations will also be able to create public/private and internal/external facing channels for broader and more streamlined communication.

Secure direct messaging also allows authorized users to be able to Direct Message (HIPAA compliant) each other. plug-in widget plug-in widget requires minimal work from technology partners to be able to integrate and leverage the HIPAA compliant messaging capabilities.

Turn it ON now
Simply notify your Nonnatech or representative that you would like this integration ENABLED and we will make it happen. No additional cost for a limited time.