MPAC and Celebrate Anniversaries

MPAC and Celebrate Anniversaries

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MPAC and Celebrate Anniversaries, marks a one-year successful telehealth collaboration of with MPAC Healthcare. MPAC Healthcare is an industry leader that works exclusively in post-acute settings. MPAC’s role is as a trusted provider of nurse practitioner services to the most fragile population: skilled nursing residents. Their objective is to provide proactive, patient-centered care with services like transition care, physician services, preventive care, and more.


MPAC has built a practice around providing reliable, flexible, leading-edge Nurse Practitioners and their customers are forward-thinking skilled nursing providers who know they need better resources for the patients with acute care needs.In the summer of 2019, founders Asif Khan and Laura McKee met MPAC’s CEO, Timothy Martinez to discuss communication methods within their facility. At the time, MPAC was using for internal communication but they required a scalable solution that addressed their needs. Several months later, they contacted to become a strategic customer. We’re now celebrating 2 years of partnership as well as a year of seamless telehealth services.

Communicating and Supported

MPAC needed a turnkey solution to keep their team communicating and supported. In addition, they realized the need to communicate in patient centered channels would improve care coordination and communication with their partners. Eventually, they started using to provide easy access to virtual visits. In order to support customers and teams during intensive infection control measures, virtual visits became essential and not just “nice to have”. MPAC was looking for a flexible and simple way to connect their Nurse Practitioners with Directors of Nursing and Floor Nurses that they interact with daily as well as with Medical Directors – before, during, and after a telehealth visit. They also wanted a single communication platform that was HIPAA compliant, so that they could communicate with the teams openly and transparently. helped them do exactly that and so much more.

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MPAC Improvement

Within one year, MPAC drastically improved their internal communication via and as a result, patient outcomes improved as well. With as an instant collaborator/patient communication, part-time nurses who work in the evening can immediately get in touch with the MPAC team about a patient’s critical condition and get the right support. This in turn reduces the chances of unnecessary hospitalization which saves MPAC and skilled nursing communities their time, effort, and costs. The nurses can organize patients using various “flags” (admissions, discharges, readmissions, and more ) and manage higher patient turnover as well.” The communication within the app is actually centered around the patients, something I have not found with any other HIPAA compliant texting software. “Tim M. – CEO” Hucu has allowed me to keep my patient related messages organized. My team can reach me instantly and stay in touch all day, and when I’m on call, all evening. “Fran W, -NP”I love being able to follow up on each patient’s care quickly and keep the team in the loop.”Ashley Y, -NPOver the past year, MPAC’s team has become much more confident in taking care of their residents. Since implements AI-Enabled, automatically prioritized patient hotlists based on patients’ risk profiles, the MPAC team knows exactly which patients to prioritize their care for. Patient data reporting shows which patients are experiencing increased risk in real-time. analytics include Telehealth Program performance visibility. For example, which team members are conducting how many telehealth sessions, how fast such sessions are being held, which sessions result into reimbursable encounters, proactive care and more. The boost in the team’s morale has created a happier, positive work environment that’s dedicated to patient-centered care with amazing patient outcomes day in day out. To watch Timothy Martinez’s full interview, click here.Get Ready To Transform Your Organization For
Value Based Care.

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