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Saving time, energy, and resources, have always been highly sought after. But in this quest, we often inadvertently overlook what truly matters. That is;

     1. Our connection as a community

     2. A healthy and quality life

     3. Respect for privacy

The last decade or so has brought us gadgets, in the name of technology, that made sure we are adrift from each other, and there seems to be no privacy.

But hey, HUCU has changed the dynamics in healthcare.

Connecting Rather Detaching

Hucu’s one unique feature is ‘One DedicatedChannel For Each Patient’.  Hucu makes it easey for all the internal and external collaborators, the full team ofdoctors, nurses, therapists and health care practitioners, are communicating in one channel, regardless of their organization or EHR. Hucu helps create a unified and inclusive culture, bringing in transparency and accountability.

All the conversations are centered around one patient at a time,hus, allowing care teams to deliver prompt, precise, and value-based care. Yes, they are simply texting, but messages are not lost and texts are not buried under so many irrelevant others, which is the norm in WhatsApp/SMS and other tools for texting. Patient context is immediate, instead of requiring extra brain power to sort relevance. Because messages in Hucu are organized around each patient,confusion is minimized and timely, focused care is easier..

Because of the many innovative ways in which is automating and streamlining patient-centered messaging, it was acknowledged this very year with the award for ‘Building Bridges’ at the Annual Mcknights Tech Awards.

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Care Team Mode And Family Mode

Again, Hucu connects people with ease and reliability. In the Care Team mode, the entire care team from different organizations can message each other securely. Whereas, in the patient/family mode, the patient and/or their family and friends can be added to help extend the care team and coordinate care.  Accordingly, families can be updated about the patient or they can ask the care team members if they have any concerns, eliminating the need for insecure texting and sparing the healthcare team from sharing their personal phone numbers. Importantly, the patient-family will never have access to the care team discussions. 

Hucu Real time Messaging Prevents Unnecessary Interventions

Now, if or when a caregiver or nurse notices a symptom indicating a potential decline in a patient’s health, rather than immediately dialing 911, they can communicate the situation by simply pressing a button. This triggers an immediate notification to the right provider without the staff ever knowing who that is at the moment, their contact information, or their schedule. Subsequently, it allows a prompt response from the responsible provider, enabling the on-ground caregiver to swiftly initiate the necessary treatment.

That actually saves a lot:

  1. Preventable complications
  2. Pushing to the ER
  3. Rehospitalization
  4. Unnecessary imaging, tests, etc.
  5. Discharging inappropriately

For sure, it saves financial resources and, not to mention, avoids a significant amount of paperwork. Most importantly, it helps reduce penalties tied to hospitalizations and ER visits.  The most crucial aspect is that it prevents a patient from experiencing further deterioration in their health and unnecessary suffering.

‘HUCU’–A HIPAA Compliant Texting App

Communication between healthcare teams is essential for timely and informed decision-making that significantly affects patient outcomes. Using a secure and appropriate tool is vital in assisting this key aspect of the healthcare industry.

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Hucu made sure that there can be safe and secure communication between the patient and his/her family and the Healthcare team all the time.

“Hucu was the most comprehensive solution that we found to provide simple HIPAA-compliant texting.”

Andrea Z. – Administrator

Whether it is prescriptions, images, sensitive details, or a simple discussion about a patient, it can be done without any hesitation in the patient-specific channel as it is a HIPAA-complaint App. There is no fear of breach of privacy of the patient. Furthermore, the data is saved and backed up on a HIPAA-secured cloud. That results in taking up less phone memory space compared to WhatsApp and other platforms.

Real Time And Precise Acuity – Post Acute Care

Hucu is customized for the precise needs of Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities. Especially in post-acute care, a push notification or a flag is tailored to show the patient’s acuity. That moves the healthcare collaborators to respond in real-time for the prevention of declining conditions and/or decision-making for the treatment. The optimized notification feature isa significant improvement over other communication/texting tools. This evidence-based acuity scoring helps clinicians in prioritizing critical patients from a large set of cases. The tool also offers real-time patient risk lists for constant visibility, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures.

We Are There For You

The Hucu team is with you, every step of the way. The Caregivers don’t need to take up the extra burden of engaging IT personnel. The analytics at the backend are working round the clock to assist.  

See also  6 Points Why Purpose-Built Collaboration Solutions Important for Healthcare is a free, easy-to-set-up, and easier-to-use HIPAA-complaint texting tool. As we say “If you know how to text, you can ‘HUCU’”. So it is high time to leave behind the off-the-rack tools and step into the 2020s with the innovative Hucu way of communication.

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