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Connected Team Yields 3X More Productivity

Problems Faced Before

  • Lots of barriers to communication within and outside the facility.
  • No system of real-time sharing of information.
  • The team used a combination of communication channels like Gmail messenger etc. These were not HIPAA compliant.
  • Communication broke down as it was being done over several platforms.
  • The facility has a chain of communication and everything had to go through a manager – especially in a HIPAA situation.
  • The manager decided what could be shared, when, and with whom. It wasted a lot of time, especially in critical situations.
  • No method of organizing communication. Information sharing was slow and often missed.
  • No guarantee of security or HIPAA compliance.
  • No system of team appreciation or accountability.

How Has Helped

  • has opened and streamlined communication completely.
  • Information can be shared in real-time now including pictures, videos, documents and more.
  • is completely HIPAA compliant and has taken away the worry of sharing sensitive information over a non-HIPAA compliant platform.
  • The team shares information in a flow and it becomes part of an ongoing conversation.
  • allows team members to share specific information with relevant people via ‘channels’, so there is no need for a manager.
  • Information can be shared with relevant people quickly and smoothly without a delay so critical decisions are made quickly. It has saved a lot of time.
  • The team uses channels for specific events situations and occasions. The flow of information is fast as channels are used to organize teams, information, and conversations.
  • times out every 15 minutes and has a biometric system for security.
  • has “Honors” as a metric for performance. It boosts morale. More honors mean more fun trips for the team.
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Lastly, here is what Tim said about Hucu’s team:
“What I really want to say and thank you for is you really believe in us too, you took your time, sat down with me, and showed me the program. I wasn’t just a number, you held my hand throughout the whole journey. We made this happen together.”
-Tim Morton, Miracle Ear