• MicroGenDX is an innovative, CAP accredited, CLIA licensed, molecular diagnostic laboratory that offers over 30 specialized clinical diagnostic testing kits for accurate microbial identification – giving more detailed information faster and more affordable than anyone else in the industry. 
  • Hucu.ai integrates with MicroGenDX to remove old, timely silo communication tools (emails, faxes, etc.) so clinicians and their patients can access their lab results faster and easier. No need to wait for a fax, which could easily fall into the wrong hands. Instead, providers and patients are automatically notified when results are available. Those results are then safely shared in Hucu.ai’s secure channels and stored in Hucu.ai’s secure cloud.
  • As patients’ lab results are available in MicroGenDX, the labs are automatically sent into the Hucu.ai patient channel – instantly alerting the patient’s care team.  
  • Similarly, as patients’ lab results are available in MicroGenDX, the labs are sent into the Hucu.ai patient/family chat – instantly alerting the patient and their authorized family members.  
  • Top benefits for skilled nursing: 
    • No risk of losing/misplacing lab reports as they could be if shared via fax.
    • Since all of the patient’s providers/care team are collaborating in the patient-centered channel, everyone involved in the patient’s care receives the lab report at the same time. No need for facility nurses to send another fax/make additional phone calls to inform the providers.  
    • Facility staff can also message the lab personnel directly in Hucu.ai if they have any questions or concerns about the lab results – no need to make interrupting phone calls or voicemails for clarification.