Making 24/7 On Call Bearable for Great Post-Acute Care Teams

Post-Acute care teams

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Being the founder of Provectus, Dr. Dirk Juschka realizes that communication with the facilities, staff and the providers is of the utmost importance.

As they move forward with their vision of providing the best possible care for their residents, they know the value that a well-knit communication system brings to the table. offers them exactly that, as it enables them to communicate effectively with all the parties involved in rendering care to their patients!

Increased Retention of Providers through COVID-19!

Employee turnover is one of the factors driving key shortages in the healthcare workforce. The Covid-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented rise in resignations and challenging work conditions. 

In the U.S alone, the healthcare sector incurred huge losses of workers, almost 460,000 workers between February 2020 to November 2021. Data findings from a survey of 1,000 American healthcare workers found that 18% of them resigned from their jobs during the pandemic, citing it as one of the reasons for that resignation. Employers who were already challenged to find enough workers are now facing a crisis in staffing.

As a physician/nurse practitioner group which supports skilled nursing and senior living communities, Provectus has experienced challenges in connecting effectively with floor nurses and other staff, making their job even harder. With teams stretched really thinly, every minute counts in order to respond in a timely fashion. In order to provide appropriate on call support, they needed a better technology solution. has contributed to the growth at Provectus by building on the services they provide to their patients and facilities. 

More importantly, has made a huge, positive difference when it comes to the retention of providers at Provectus, especially during the course of the pandemic. By enabling manageable notifications and easy real-time communication, the Provectus team is able to effectively prioritize their contacts with patients who need medical oversight.

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Providers at Provectus are both satisfied and happy with the set-up that is implementing. This has made their jobs easier.

We saw immediate value with Hucu, it really improved the workflow”, said Dr. Dirk. 

Saving Time! makes quick, effective communication with nurses in facilities possible.

One of the nice things about Hucu, is being able to leave a message for the nurse when I want to, for us to connect, not the old-fashioned way when I would wind up calling the facility when the nurse is off or at lunch”, said Dr. Dirk. 

This makes it easy to arrange telehealth visits. Coordination of schedules is less taxing and getting hold of the nurse is relatively easier.This is a huge plus in terms of staff shortages seen over the last two years, as it has been difficult with most nursing homes to get a hold of somebody, especially on the weekend or after hours.

At the same time, it allows other team members such as the Director of Nursing to easily participate in that communication and provide oversight and support to their teams. makes it possible for different team members to know about an issue with a patient, by being a part of that patient communication.

This enables more controlled flow of communication, improves the quality and efficacy of that communication. This has been a turning point for those at Provectus, as this has boosted patient care and has saved time for everyone involved.

Greater controls over the flow of information, have resulted in fewer interruptions throughout the day for those at Provectus. This makes it less likely for them to be distracted or taken off task so that they are able to manage all of the communications when it is favorable to respond, unless of course if it is an emergency. Emergencies easily rise to the top of the priority list.

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Hucu has saved myself personally time, and my co-workers’ time”, said Dr.Dirk. 

Patient-Specific Communication Improves Operational Efficiency 

Additionally, gives access to individual patient flow of information.

This information can be retrieved whenever one wants. For instance, this helps Dr.Dirk Juschka a lot when he does rounds on a patient after some weeks. He simply reviews that communication since the last visit, catches up on anything that is important to address in the next visit. offers specific patient-channel communication, which concentrates all of the information for a specific patient in one area. 

If I have to ‘go to court’ metaphorically, medically or legally and see a patient afterwards, I want to be able to see what is going on with that patient instead of trying to figure out what is going on”, said Dr.Dirk.

Through specific patient-channels, allows them to to go back and review existing information on a patient that had happened previously. This has been revolutionary, as this communication is now easily accessible.

This saves a lot of time, in case they need to change something, or address something important when seeing a patient, or even if there is some disagreement over a patient’s treatment. They can simply pull up the communication to show what the facts of the case are, what developments have occurred and it’s all there!

Hucu is ‘patient specific’ and that is why we absolutely love it”, said Dr.Dirk Juschka. 

Quicker On-Boarding and Continuous Engagement improves staff development and team collaboration at Provectus!

In the case of new hires, makes it easier for them to observe how care is being administered to the patients. Plus, it’s easy to ask clarifying questions and to provide ongoing guidance.

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Hucu makes it easier for him to observe how they are interacting with other members of the team, and what kind of medical decisions they are making”, said Dr.Dirk.

This is indeed beneficial, as new staff can be given feedback, as well as how they could improve their ways that would be helpful not only for them, but the patient and the facility!. With, additional values that came to surface were people passionate about their facilities! At Provectus, they started having staff members who  can quickly be connected with their patients when they come back on shift  and Directors of Nursing can maintain closer monitoring of any issues.

This helped them keep track of that communication, make adjustments and be able to give the nurses feedback, which builds on their overall performance. It’s amazing what a little positive feedback can do for a team. has really helped Provectus and their partners stay focused on their patients.

Increased Growth has helped drive Provectus forward, with their overall mission of effective patient care.

This was made possible by the team, all of whom not only listened but addressed their needs, through regular meetings. The team is continuously improving the product so that they can support even great growth.

My favorite thing about Hucu are the people that back it up, the team that has developed it and the support that we have received from it”, said Dr.Dirk Juschka. 

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