Key Take Aways and Top Insights from N4A Conference 2021

Top Insights from N4A Conference 2021

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The Annual Conference and Tradeshow of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging is the annual largest gathering of local leaders working in the aging industry in the USA. The conference aims to bring together local professionals, business leaders, policymakers and government experts together so that they can discuss problems, solutions and their expertise related to the aging sector. One of the highlights of this event this year was the exchange of technological solutions and innovations that can change how the aging sector is served and runs in the USA.

Top Insights from N4A Conference 2021

Top Insights from N4A Conference 2021 participated in our first N4A Conference this year held virtually from July 19th to 22nd 2021. We are proud to be supporters of area agency on aging delivering high quality person centered care. In the conference, we had the opportunity to discuss how can contribute positively in achieving AAAs goals. Nonetheless, the team at learned key insights from the conference that has helped us understand the essence of AAAs work efforts, work flow problems, achievements and services even better. Here are the key themes from the conference.

Optimism for the Role of AAAs in Supporting Aging

At the end of the conference we were left with a deep sense of appreciation for the work being done by AAAs and its importance in our elderly community. We figured that the current federal administration is also supporting these services by increasing the funding up to 40% (Title 3B). We are optimistic that the increase in financial support will have an increased positive impact on how AAAs can better serve the older population.

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Resilience from Managing Through Covid 19

There were many questions about how Covid-19 has affected AAAs. AAAs shared their ability to effectively and quickly adapt and reimagine services and processes while managing risk proactively. Their devotion and selflessness in taking extensive precautionary/health safety measures throughout the pandemic is commendable.

Hucu.Ai’s Flag Reporting Enhances Data Collection

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New Alliances and New Revenue Streams

We came to know that the Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) have doubled the number of partners since 2017. As HMOs struggle with current funding restrictions in collecting extensive care & case-timelines data, healthcare planning experts encourage evidence-based/data-tracking programs to develop value & reimbursement propositions for providing their outcomes & impacts data. With these insights, HMOs, CBOs, and MBOs are able to implement better healthcare plans, replicate successes, and develop sustainable resource management solutions.

Person Centered Care

N4A presenters provided best practice models for trauma-informed care by tailoring services to needs (Center on Aging and Trauma), dissolving silos, and addressing food insecurity and housing. Those able to respond to consumer needs with Dementia Friendly Programs and elder abuse awareness communications are protecting consumers from scams.

Leveraging Technology

Leading AAAs are actively removing access issues and working towards better solutions. For example, they are advocating for funding for the 17% of seniors who lack broadband, improving tech literacy and partnering with governments and NGOs to decrease digital divide. Furthermore, leaders are encouraging and supporting remote work, designing engagement & communication platforms that consumers can navigate, and establishing multiple communication pathways across a variety of platforms and devices. In this era of technology, these learning steps can really help the elderly and can be life saving in critical situations. Supporting Seniors’ Own Agency to Avoid Elder Abuse The new administration has sponsored $188MM, a dramatic increase in adult protective services. AAA Research efforts allow AAA communities to act on unproductive understandings relating to elder abuse constructive cultural changes. AAA communities and marketing professionals are able to effectively enhance understanding of cause, consequences, and solutions to elder abuse; without contributing to the general misconceptions regarding elder competencies & caregiver perpetration.

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Enhancing Processes to support Medicare Advantage

Health Care Entities/ MCOs want narrow networks of high performers. AAAs can contract with these payers by developing the service delivery metrics, outcome measures and billing capabilities that payers require. Accessibility Of Services- AAA service providers are continuously working to find meaningful engagement strategies and user-friendly communication platforms to best serve & support elders. Some examples include implementing Home Modification programs, providing virtual access to services, and extending reach through meaningful inclusion of differently abled consumers. With the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly important to make services accessible virtually.

Top Insights from N4A Conference 2021
Workforce Challenges AAAs must, and often do, continually seek improved employee engagement and recruiting processes that foster high quality support. Rising to the challenges of a poorly functioning labor market are critical to assuring that consumers have the support they need. Who has Good Data Wins! Leading AAAs are offering evidence-based programs to collect & provide a thorough transitional & timeline data. HMOs need not only quantitative data on the care strategies used & how many people were served – but HMOs value the qualitative & quantitative data that reveal care strategies implemented, as well as the impacts/outcomes of those applied care strategies & services. Best practices include capturing and reporting staff and consumer satisfaction data, client reported outcomes, as well as consumer demographics. Risk-owning payers are extremely sensitive to membership retention and patient claims data. can especially help in this area just like it is helping the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging.’s flag reporting enhances data collection. This allows Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging to capture SDOH factors and clearly demonstrate the efficiency and quality of services their network provides to older adults in their community. also provides reports that track partner performance level, effectively keeping all partners accountable.Not just this, but’s solution can work really well for AAAs in a number of ways. Read here to know how helps Area Agencies on Aging with real-time consumer specific acuity score to help drive better outcomes. We shared these at the conference and are looking forward to work with more AAAs in future.

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About N4A:

The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) is a 501(c)(3) membership association representing America’s national network of 622 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and providing a voice in the nation’s capital for the more than 250 Title VI Native American aging programs.Whether it is helping Washington set priorities, building the capacity of our members, raising the visibility of AAAs and Title VI programs nationwide, offering training and educational events, or working to drive excellence in the fields of Information & Referral/Assistance, transportation, livable communities and volunteerism, n4a is dedicated to supporting the success of its members.

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