Hucu is Solving Healthcare Communication Problems On Three Fronts

Healthcare Communication Problem

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Technology is playing an important role in delivering quality healthcare today. Healthcare professionals including doctors, consultants, and nurses are fully engaged in a radical action plan for improving healthcare all around the world through telehealth especially after COVID-19 pandemic.

While hospitals and healthcare organizations are jam-packed with coronavirus patients, other patients with chronic illnesses suffer from the lack of availability of doctors and safe spots in the hospitals to see them or care for them.

Telehealth brings a solution to solve these glaring problems very easily. One of the greatest benefits of telehealth is how it makes communication easy in a remote setting. Patients can connect with their doctors being in the safety of their homes. Doctors can also protect themselves from getting exposed to coronavirus by monitoring patients remotely through telehealth. Furthermore, it increases convenience for both parties by saving travel costs and wait time. Appointments can be scheduled online and through video conference, patients can speak with their doctors. 

There are a lot of telehealth applications and solutions that help with the patient-doctor connection to y communication:
  • Between healthcare providers and patients or patient families.
  • Among healthcare providers and in their organizations.
  • Among healthcare providers across multiple organizations and locations.

Solving Communication Problems Between Healthcare Providers and their Patients and Families

Hucu has launched a new feature in its application to make communication easy between healthcare providers and the patient’s family. Since healthcare teams can be busy, Hucu lets them efficiently communicate with the patients and families to keep everybody updated without needing phone tags, voicemails, texts, and missed connections. Hucu understands that communications can drive better care which in turn drives better patient/family satisfaction. When healthcare providers send important notifications to families on time via Hucu, it helps reduce patient/family anxiety and creates peace of mind for them.

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Now Families Can Get Frequent and Instant Updates About Their Loved One From Healthcare Staff

Several surveys have shown that patient/family satisfaction plays an important role in recommending a hospital to other people. Through Hucu, healthcare providers can ensure seamless communication across all involved care teams and this can triple patient/family satisfaction.

How is Hucu able to do all this? Hucu is one of the best Healthcare Communication Solutions that replaces the need for phone calls, voicemails, and texts. ‘channel’ feature in which patients and family members can be sent a message by the healthcare provider all at once. Healthcare teams are empowered to invite or restrict specific family members to reduce noise and improve peace of mind for approved family members. Hucu helps enable easy information sharing to communicate patient history, medicine lists, advanced directive, and other important information. There are exceptional benefits for families to use Hucu. It helps them communicate with all healthcare providers that are taking care of their loved one, all at once. No need to place multiple phone calls every single time they want an update.

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Patients and families can share key patient updates like temperature, pulse, Bp, etc. with relevant care team members involved so that proper and timely decisions can be made for improved patient care. One of the greatest benefits of Hucu is its centralization of all patient communications in one place. Such sensitive data is secured on HUCU’s cloud storage so patients, families, and healthcare providers don’t have to worry about storing data on their devices or about losing it for various reasons. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere in Hucu’s HIPAA compliant environment.

Solving Communication Problems Among Healthcare Providers And Within Their Organizations

Holding telehealth sessions between doctors and patients really helps break down all barriers of communication. Deploying telehealth solutions like Hucu is that a healthcare organization can improve its workflows and communication cycles within its hierarchy. Hucu can help healthcare organizations communicate and coordinate patient care remotely by facilitating internal communication channels. 

In a traditional setting, healthcare team members have to find each other through broadcast announcements in a hospital or contact each other through pagers in emergencies. 

Hucu Organizes Communication Among Healthcare Team Members

Hucu can help the entire healthcare organization get ‘organized’ at its workflow level. When doctors are setting up a telehealth session with their remote patients, they need updated information about the patient’s case from the staff or patient’s family members. This is especially true in a Senior Care Setting. Now gathering such information through phone calls requires time. Verbal communication over phone calls can prove erroneous as well. 

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In such situations, a communication tool like Hucu can allow the doctor to gather information from the relevant staff members and family members in a specific channel in a very organized and coordinated way.

Solving Communication Problems Among Healthcare Providers Across Multiple Organizations and Locations

With Hucu, the doctor can easily gather the relevant consultants in one channel, share the patient status, and communicate a care plan. The plan can then be shared with the healthcare team on the application in which they can post notifications and updates as well. Hucu truly organizes all the steps in telehealth so that communication both within the organization and to specialists and collaborators outside the organization can be improved and quality care can be provided. 

Hucu can streamline communication between providers and facility staff by allowing them to communicate in context within each Patient-Channel, with each other in one-to-one direct messaging and within internal and/or external groups through Collaboration Channels. Another amazing feature of “distinctive notifications” helps providers tag each other or tag the entire group. 

Hospitals face open shift challenges very often and Hucu resolves this issue by allowing staff members to quickly message shift availability and get immediate response from the staff. 

In the world of healthcare, patient communication is still too sparse and often lacks transparency and the personal touch that builds trust in the care team. Telehealth solutions like Hucu are here to change that with distinctive powerful features that can optimize any healthcare provider’s practice.  

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