Post Acute Care Communication via vs. Alternatives

logo ohmd
“Old Ways”
(email, txt, etc.)
HIPAA Compliant
Increased Communication EFFICIENCY
One BUSINESS-WIDE Communication Platform
DIRECT Messaging plus Bespoke CHANNELS
PATIENT-CENTERED Messaging Channels
Designed for POST-ACUTE Workflows
Ability to Communicate with Colleagues, Patients, and Patient’s Families all on ONE PLATFORM
Communicate EASILY Across Different Organizations

Bottom Line

  • – get started with the free version – unlimited user licenses. no huge setup required. get patient-centered messaging going with other organizations quickly. clear visibility on patient risk and also around staff that’s at risk of leaving your organization.
  • TigerConnect – expensive per user license is not viable for post-acute care organizations. huge uplift in installing and configuring the solution. messaging is only within an organization.
  • OhMD – tons of issues on Android platform. also expensive per user license not viable for large post-acute care organizations. only built for brick & mortar clinics, and not for virtual healthcare teams. no ability to organize patient specific communication across different locations. 
  • Slack – charges per user license. not built for healthcare workflows. no patient risk or staff attrition risk visibility. no concept of healthcare communication needs.
  • Old ways (phone, fax, ..) – limited to only 1-1 communication. most communication is in silos between 2 people, while the rest of the team is unaware and therefore not able to act in a timely manner.