Post Acute Care Communication via vs. Alternatives

tiger connect hipaa texting app,
Ohmd healthcare Hipaa
Slack hipaa texting app,
Hipaa Compliant communication app,
“Old Ways”
(email, txt, etc.)
HIPAA Compliant
Increased Communication EFFICIENCY
One BUSINESS-WIDE Communication Platform
DIRECT Messaging plus Bespoke CHANNELS
PATIENT-CENTERED Messaging Channels
Designed for POST-ACUTE Workflows
Ability to Communicate with Colleagues, Patients, and Patient’s Families all on ONE PLATFORM
Communicate EASILY Across Different Organizations

Bottom Line

  • – get started with the free version – unlimited user licenses. no huge setup required. get patient-centered messaging going with other organizations quickly. clear visibility on patient risk and also around staff that’s at risk of leaving your organization.
  • TigerConnect – expensive per user license is not viable for post-acute care organizations. huge uplift in installing and configuring the solution. messaging is only within an organization.
  • OhMD – tons of issues on Android platform. also expensive per user license not viable for large post-acute care organizations. only built for brick & mortar clinics, and not for virtual healthcare teams. no ability to organize patient specific communication across different locations. 
  • Slack – charges per user license. not built for healthcare workflows. no patient risk or staff attrition risk visibility. no concept of healthcare communication needs.
  • Old ways (phone, fax, ..) – limited to only 1-1 communication. most communication is in silos between 2 people, while the rest of the team is unaware and therefore not able to act in a timely manner.