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Skyrocketing fuel prices exacerbated by the war in Ukraine are definitely replacing COVID-19 as the latest crisis in home healthcare industry. The spike in fuel prices has already forced some home care agencies and providers to increase wages at a time when high caregiver demand and inflation are already putting an upward pressure on wages. The pain of high pump prices is especially acute in certain areas of the U.S., like California where the average price of a gallon of gas is a whopping $5.57.
Unfortunately, this is making some home healthcare providers limit how far they will travel to see clients, leaving some without care. Nurses and long-term aides are no longer accepting cases in rural areas and instead taking up retail jobs at places to earn more money with less hassle. It means that many clients who need part-time assistance or minimal care every week are now without access to care. Lack of available care is causing families to step in and provide care for their loved ones as there is not enough staff available to help with shorter-hour cases. Not many are willing to work short-hour cases because the economics do not make financial sense for many care providers.
It is possible that Congress will pass the Biden administration’s Build Back Better Plan (which gives $150 billion to home-and community based services to boost reimbursements to home care providers and increase caregiver wages). With the timing and likelihood of Build Back Better passing increasingly in question, it is imperative to have an alternative solution.
Many home care, hospice and home healthcare providers are trying to offset the rising transportation costs by using telehealth technological solutions. is an excellent solution to help mitigate the ongoing home healthcare crisis. is a HIPAA compliant communication application that keeps patients and families, care providers and their staff connected with real-time communication. It is a person-centered messaging application that is already helping many home care, home healthcare and hospice providers continue to give high touch quality care both in person and remotely. As distributed Home care teams need ongoing communication with back office, supervisors as well as family members to assure high quality of care and safety for seniors in home, is the easiest solution for professional person-centered messaging amidst the fuel inflation crisis.
With, home care and hospice providers can stay in touch with senior clients through virtual visits facilitated by the video conferencing feature in If a patient is due for a visit or wants to check in with his provider, or needs advice, they can simply connect via in a matter of seconds. This saves home care providers from having to send a staff member on a long drive to check in on a senior patient and it also reduces the chances of a patient making an unnecessary ER visit. With, home care providers can communicate med lists, patient history and other relevant information easily. is also helping hospice and home care providers to engage and retain distributed team members in these tough times. With one-touch telehealth sessions and ongoing access to team members, they can schedule to physically visit those patients who need to be seen as a priority or require an intervention. This cuts down the number of visits staff members are obliged to make in a day – as some are being easily replaced with a tele-visit via
Patient with Nurse
Providers can share client health status updates, med lists, action plans with family members and offer maximum virtual support. Family members are reassured and have ease of mind knowing that they can reach out to their loved one’s care provider any time of the day for support and guidance. Care providers have the convenience of replying in real-time from their phones when possible or later when it’s convenient for them.
In hospice situations, patients can stay connected with their loved ones via which can bring immense comfort for them. They can stay in the loop with’s feature “Family Chat” – a virtual room including the patient’s doctor, care team members, friends, or family that they wish to update about the treatment or everyday care plan. channels are private to each patient and an excellent way to stay connected and up to date with the patient’s health status. is an alternative method to continue to offer care to senior clients of home care, home healthcare and hospice providers. While the fuel prices are skyrocketing, providers can continue to have care accessible to clients that are far to reach, virtually and instantly in addition to in person care. is an excellent solution that is helping many providers mitigate the effects of increased fuel prices and shortage of home care staff.
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