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Secure Hospital Messaging App. is the best hospital communication app.
With, save time and reach the highest level of efficiency. All through an organized, real-time, instant communication with the hospital staff, care team members, patients and, families. is a 100% HIPAA-compliant hospital communication app.

Multiple Hospital Communication Systems Finally Unified

Critical information in a hospital is exchanged person-to-person by text messages, phone calls, faxes, multiple clinical systems, nurse calls, and medical devices. beautifully unifies information from all of these systems on a single hospital communication system mobile application – replacing them all so that no critical details are delayed, left out, or unsent. ensures that the messages reach the correct clinician at the right time.
Hospital Communication Systems App

Benefits of as a Secure Hospital Communication App


  • includes a patient, friends, and family messaging feature that providers can use to send or receive real-time information about their patients
  • Doctors can spend more time providing care instead of trying to find who’s who in the care team and their contact information, for each specific patient
  • Doctors can build specific channels for every patient and ‘flag’ priority cases to exchange information more quickly for those patients in the hospital secure messaging app
  • Access Treatment Options Faster by enabling timely Q&A from experts
  • Reduce ER Visits by involving the right clinician at the right time automatically for proactive care decisions
Benefits of Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare
  • With, organize & find all information for each specific patient (documents, dc summaries, med lists, wound photos, and more) shared by different staff from different organizations
  • is completely HIPAA compliant so that every message, call, information shared is secured. It has features like a biometric login system, automatic notifications for every team member, and data encryption so that every communication is safe
  • helps improves occupancy rates in hospitals by collaborating with partner staff for timely patient care and therefore avoiding unnecessary discharges and/or hospitalizations
  • simplifies the admissions/discharge process from/to hospitals and keep track of patients’ wellbeing in real-time – all remotely via the hospital secure instant messaging app irrespective of patients’ location
  • increases patient satisfaction and quality of care experience as doctors and care team members are always available to communicate with the patient
Hospital Communication Systems App


Cross Platform

Intuitive and easy to use mobile and desktop applications that work on iOS, Android devices, Windows, and the Web.

Biotmetrics Login System

Login with pin, password or fingerprint scan to ensure highest level of security and privacy.

Distinctive Notifications

Receive notifications on the go so that no important hospital communication is missed.
Hospital Communication Systems App

Collaboration Channels

Communicate in context within each Patient-Channel, with each other in 1-1 Direct Messages & within internal and/or external Groups.

Flag Patients and Assess Risk

Have more visibility of patients by location, and have a real-time feed of prioritized patient lists.

Patients & Families Messaging

Reduce endless telephone tag by connecting patients and their families with the care team directly.

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